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Sports Do you know frog boys? 고명중학교
Hi, my name is Harry. I`m in the 6th grade at Soongduck elementary school. Today, I `d like to introduce and discuss one of Korea`s most horrific unsolved crimes. Do you know of the frog boys affair? On March 26th ,1991 in Daegoo five elementary school students disappeared. They left home ...
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Sports E-sports? 고명중학교
E- sports have become increasingly popular these days. What are e- sports? They are games people play on the internet, in the comfort of their homes. No fields or courts, only wifi and a comfy seat. battle. In early the 2000s we are soon internet became a popular positive and activated so game syste...
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Sports For happy ending! 고명중학교
On October 17th, in Chile this year one ball entered a goal and a small country on the opposite side of the Earth a shouted with joy. The Chile U-17 world cup is started. This world cup is played who under 17 age. The Korean team won against Brazil in the U-17 world cup match. They are the stronge...
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Sports Final Result of Autumn baseball War 고명중학교
I wrote a article about Korean baseball league there are 3 teams who fought for top the 5 position this season. Finally, the results are in. It`s was intense. The Sk Wiberns made it to the top 5 KIA and Eagles failed in this baseball war. Now, KIA are has 3 more games, but they can`t chase SK. Th...
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Sports Ethnic group`s dream 고명중학교
Where is the only divided nation in the world? The Korea peninsula. We divided into 2 different countries in 1950s during the Korea War. In 1945, Korea goined independenced from Japan but received more interference from USA and Soviet Union. They help us to independence. The a super power divid...
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Sports What is your purpose? 고명중학교
You heard some bad drugs news in the sports? Now I would you like to introduce about sport drugs. First, what is drugs mean? Anybody mustn`t eat it. Someday, we heard a sport player eat drugs and have a penalty. Let`s research about super bad drugs effects and their names. Homerun king Barry Bo...
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Sports Nuclear time! 고명중학교
Do you know what are the longest games in the world? There are so many sport`s records. We will study about some of them. First, baseball record is the LG Twins and the KIA Tiger`s 5 hours and 58 minutes game. It`s a world record. They played from 6:30 to 0:28 the next day. However, they couldn`t ...
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Sports Autumn baseball film festival 고명중학교
Autumn baseball is coming up. Now, the Korean league still compete like in a movie. 3 teams fight for 5th place. We already know other teams place. First, we will research about Korean league`s teams. It started since the 1982 season and there are 7 teams. Now, it has 10 teams and only 5 teams a...
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Sports Thier big dream 고명중학교
We know many minor leaguers in American leagues. But also we don`t know their new issue because major leaguers do very well. There are a lot more people than I thought. So I`m proud of them. Let`s research about their records and dream. Someone may know this person. Next majorleaguer reserve. ...
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Sports Honey money! 고명중학교
You may be curious about sport players annual income. Is that so? Also you want to see your favorite player in this ranking. I will show you some super money players. Frist of all, we can anticipate who must have a lot of money. It is one of the famous athletes in baseball. You can think of Clayto...
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