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Sports Suarez scores on the El Clastico 산내중학교
Luis Suarez scores his biggest goal since moving to Barcelona, against Real Madrid. On March 23rd (Korean Time), Suarez made a goal and made Barcelona win. Barcelona and Real Madrid were on the score 1:1. And at the 2nd halftime, Suarez controlled the ball from Dani Alves and shot past Iker Casi...
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Sports Finally South Korea meets Australia at the Asian C 아시아 퍼시픽 국제외국인학교
Finally South Korea meets Australia at the Asian Cup Finals 2/1, was a night full of screams and shouts both in South Korea and Sydney as people from respective nations watched over their teams playing in the thrilling finals of the Asian Cup. South Korea and Australia met in the Asian Cup Finals ...
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Sports Father and Son, playing soccer at the same ground 중국 천진국제학교 (TIS)
The Brazil World Cup will start in 19 days, and the 32 participants are intensely preparing for the World Cup. Each player is intensely training, and most players claim that their main motivation comes from their family members. Even though there are no cases in which fathers and sons played toge...
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Sports Son snatches gold at FIG World Cup 서농초등학교
Rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae snatched a gold medal at the FIG World Cup held in Lisbon, Portugal, Saturday (local time). Son scored 17.550 points in club and 17.950 in ribbon in the second day of the international competition. She ranked the first in the individual contest with a total of 71....
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Sports 사랑의 손길 - We need your loves and concerns! 수원상률초등학교
We need your loves and concerns! More than ever, at the end of the year many donation and helping hands are catching us eyes. Recently, Many charities or relief organizations such as the Unicef, the World vision and the Save the children, etc., are emerged. For example, the Unicef is an aid age...
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Sports One of Lamborghini - Countach - 수원상률초등학교
Countach was followed by the Miura. First, the Miura has many curves in its body shape, but the Countach has more straight lines. Countach LP500 means that the engine is behind the driver's seat vertically and displacement is 5.0ℓ. When Countach LP500 was shown, many people were concerned that ...
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Sports Let''''s play TEE BALL !! 수원상률초등학교
Tee ball game is recast baseball. Tee ball’s game rule is very simple. The Baseball and tee ball games are alike. A hitters use bat, and they use same base. Such as, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and home base. But, the tee ball game has some difference from baseball. Tee ball doesn't have pitcher, hitter h...
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Sports One of Lamborghini - Miura 수원상률초등학교
Ferruccio Lamborghini opened in 1963. He was the owner of tractor factory, and a rich man. He bought a car, a Ferrari. However, he found some faults with the Ferrari’s transmission. He complained to the company, but his complaint was obstinately refused. This gave him a great idea, "I will m...
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Sports Do You Know Inline Hockey? 백마초등학교
No Image There are many interesting and exciting sports, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball. You may have heard about ice hockey. However, have you heard about inline hockey? Inline hockey is similar to ice hockey. It is playing hockey with inline. There are 4 players and a goalie who play in ...
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Sports Uzbekistan crowd broke into ground. 목포영화중학교
Korea soccer team played soccer game with Uzbekistan at Seoul World cup Stadium. It was Brazil World Cup Asian Zone final qualifying. The game result was Korea win for their own goal. At second half last minute, Uzbekistan did impact attack. But Korean players safed one goal. Korean had 14point...
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