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Global The Pros of Artificial Intelligence 봉의고등학교
Humans are fundamentally designed to be suspicious of new inventions and advances in life. That was the basis of what kept our ancestors away from dangers and risky trials. However, as humans evolved to create more and more tools for an improved lifestyle, adaption had to take place. As revolts arou...
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Global Taking a Stand Against the Olympics 봉의고등학교
For many years, the Olympics have been an event that symbolized a grand unification of different nationalities- showing the world how sports are able to rid the world of tension, even for a moment. Over time, however, cities are slowly refusing to host the Olympics and have gone as far as to sign pe...
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Global Police brutality and misconduct KICS 한국국제크리스천학교
No Image Police brutality is becoming a worldwide issue. Police brutality is the advantage of police officers to use unnecessary force by their authority while managing with civilians. On May 27th near Oksu station an innocent citizen had been suspected as a voice phishing criminal. The man was beaten dreadf...
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Global People that never come back from NK Seoul International School
North Korea, currently a country with confidential borders and a nuclear site in the interior, shows interest in taking foreign people as hostages. As everyone knows, stepping in the North Korean borders is difficult, and it's a lifetime chance, but it's more like a risky act. Only the selected few...
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Global Globalization and Anti-Globalization 김포외국어고등학교
No Image The relationships between countries on this globe are getting closer nowadays. They influence each other more than they did so previously. This phenomenon is called ‘Globalization,’ and it has contributed to the development of nations. However, globalization has brought problems like global economic...
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Global The world is changing at an exponential rate 김포외국어고등학교
No Image The world is changing rapidly these days. Not only our society but also other countries, in other words, the whole world, is developing at a very fast rate. However, is this a beneficial phenomenon? In my opinion, this is not a good change. I think that people are less happy than they were in the pa...
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Global Growing Conflict in East Asia 기전여자고등학교
No Image Recently, the east asia is surrounded in a chaos. Korea, including North Korea, US, China, and Japan are in a conflict and it is increasing the range. The territorial conflict between China and Japan has been serious problem for many years. Plus, after the president Trump inaugurated, the US and C...
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Global Korea Reunion 서울국제학교(SIS)
No Image People can say that North and South Korea is just one country divided into two. But truly, it is not. There are too many differences to say that these two countries were one, and should become one again. I am not in the place to have a say in what have already happened, but this is not simply a matt...
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Global How to Win the Drug War in The Philippines 과천중학교
Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines is trying to solve malicious problems which has been notable in the Philippines for a long time. His government promised supporting more money for education and solve poverty as family planning. Especially, he informed his rigid opinion by informing dru...
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Global Adults'''' problem 대전삼육중학교
No Image There are some questions for kids or teenagers when adults are paradoxical. In my case, adults around me are paradoxical. First, when I was young my parents were sharing happiness when I told them my dream. At first, they said nothing is problem if I have dreams but then, they got mad cause I did no...
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