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Global U.S. School Gun Violence 한국외국인학교 (Korea International School)
No Image Although there appears to be no place safer than one's own home, schools are meant to be the next best thing. A place where people may learn about the world and about one another. To develop. To become older. It's truly a place to bloom. Parents used to send their children to school without hesitati...
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Global Stigmatization of Mental Illness in China 한국외국인학교 (Korea International School)
No Image Comparable to Western countries, stigmatization of mental illness is commonplace in Asia. With increasing socio-economic stability and life expectancy, mental disorders and psycho-behavioral problems have become more prevalent over time. In China, 13 percent of all non-communicable disease burde...
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Global Russia-Ukraine - The primary causes of the war 고양외국어고등학교
No Image In an early Thursday morning of February 24, President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared a "special military operation", mentioning “the protection of people who have been subjected to persecution and genocide for eight years” and “bringing to justice those who committed bloody crimes against citize...
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Global Syrian refugees and education crisis 고양외국어고등학교
No Image Current Status of Syrian Refugees Since the civil war of 2011, the people of Syria called out for democratic reforms against the President Bashar-al-Assad. However, the result was violence against civilans, forcing them to flee outside of their own country. This ongoing crisis inevitably created mo...
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Global The two sides of Covid-19 environmental effects 고양외국어고등학교
The world is currently suffering due to the new coronavirus disease pandemic. However, air pollution, which has greatly threatened both the environment and our health, has decreased significantly. In large cities notoriously known for places in which this phenomenon has occurred, COVID-19 was preval...
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Global A Fresh Wave from Zambia: Electing First Woman as Shanghai Golden Apple School
No Image You might remember from my last news that Hakainde Hichilema, the newly inaugurated president, instilled lots of hope in Zambian citizens. According to Al Jazeera, Nelly Mutti replaced Patrick Matibini as parliament speaker in September 2021, significant for two reasons. First, replacing Matibini, w...
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Global Should We Look at Zambia’s Economy Optimistically? Shanghai Golden Apple School
No Image Since Hakainde Hichilema became the president of Zambia since 24 August 2021, Zambia is going through a big shift in its political atmosphere. Zambia has been suffering from economic recession due to COVID-19 and corrupt government officials, rendering it as the only African country which defaulted ...
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Global The Unexpected Couple with High Potential Shanghai Golden Apple School
Did you know that a staggering number of 20,000 Koreans visited Republic of Zambia (Zambia) in 2017 alone(Park)? Koreans might only think of Zambia as a faraway country rich with minerals, but embassy officials from both countries are putting their best effort to improve their friendship and econom...
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Global Zambia’s Copper and Natural Resources Exports Shanghai Golden Apple School
No Image Zambia’s Copper and Natural Resources Exports: Roses Outside of Rose-tinted Glasses? The general public may not perceive Zambia as a major player in the global economy landscape. However, its status as Africa’s second largest producer of copper assigns Zambia a very unique place (Mapila). Countri...
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Global We all recycle. But do we recycle properly? Deerfield Academy
Tic. Twist. Slurp. We think that recycling plastic waste ends when we toss the empty containers into the wastebasket. Out of sight, out of mind. We unwittingly believe that now, those plastic bottles and containers will all be recycled and turned anew - our work is done. But recycling most certainly...
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