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Global Do you know about the Dark Side of Chocolate? Seoul International School
Abdul is a worker in the cocoa fields of the Ivory Coast. He cuts the cocoa pods and takes the milky coated white beans out. He has done this for three year, and now nearly became a professional, but he never tasted chocolate. This is what is happening currently for many children in parts of Africa....
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Global North Korea steps closer to denuclearization Seoul International School
People in South Korea, are you still worrying about the nuclear and missile tests that are happening next door? If that’s the case, you can relieve a little bit for now. North Korea is trying to take a sturdy step towards denuclearization. After Thursday’s meeting between Trump and South Korean off...
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Global Japanese systematic education of Dokdo ownership 용인한국외국어대학부설고등학교
No Image Japanese Government has publicly written in “the government guidelines for teaching” for the first time that Dokdo belongs to Japan. It proves that Japanese government has almost completed the systematic education of Japanese ownership of Dokdo. On February 14th, Japanese Ministry of Education, ...
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Global Start of a peace: a unified South-North team 용인한국외국어대학부설고등학교
No Image On February 20th, there was the last match of women ice-hockey unified South-North team. Regardless of the result, it is a valuable experience for peace that both South and North players became a single team and worked together for victory. At first, the unified team started from the difficult s...
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Global California is still burning 한국교원대학교부설고등학교
From December 4th, the huge fire has started at the California, USA. This was the second fire in California in 2 months, since there was also a big wildfire on October this year. As same as that time, the fire began due to the low humidity and strong wind. From the first day, fire fighters worked ha...
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Global North Korea''''s continous provocations 김포외국어고등학교
Unification of North and South Korea has been a world-wide issue of this era. Especially for South Korea, the benefits of unification, including enlargement of domestic market, share of natural resources and connection to the continental road, are incredible, which makes unification an urgent goal f...
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Global The Pros of Artificial Intelligence 봉의고등학교
Humans are fundamentally designed to be suspicious of new inventions and advances in life. That was the basis of what kept our ancestors away from dangers and risky trials. However, as humans evolved to create more and more tools for an improved lifestyle, adaption had to take place. As revolts arou...
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Global Taking a Stand Against the Olympics 봉의고등학교
For many years, the Olympics have been an event that symbolized a grand unification of different nationalities- showing the world how sports are able to rid the world of tension, even for a moment. Over time, however, cities are slowly refusing to host the Olympics and have gone as far as to sign pe...
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Global Police brutality and misconduct KICS 한국국제크리스천학교
No Image Police brutality is becoming a worldwide issue. Police brutality is the advantage of police officers to use unnecessary force by their authority while managing with civilians. On May 27th near Oksu station an innocent citizen had been suspected as a voice phishing criminal. The man was beaten dreadf...
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Global People that never come back from NK Seoul International School
North Korea, currently a country with confidential borders and a nuclear site in the interior, shows interest in taking foreign people as hostages. As everyone knows, stepping in the North Korean borders is difficult, and it's a lifetime chance, but it's more like a risky act. Only the selected few...
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