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Global The fury of Mother Nature 대전삼육초등학교
No Image Summer’s hot, nobody can deny it. But, you can notice that summer is getting unusually hot. Many people spent this summer with their fans and air conditioners, and they were still sweating. Because of the temperature, from 1991 to 2011 in Korea, the heat waves caused 442 deaths. That is 21 people dy...
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Global Who should be defined as refugees? Port Vila International School
No Image Dealing what to do for refugees have been a huge discussion and a problem to face for many European countries for several years. Korea now started to face this refugee problem after the 486 Yemenis refugees that entered the island of Jeju in Korea recently. The petition to President Moon-Jae-In r...
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Global Destination of Environmental Refugees? Seoul International School
Global warming, sea level rise, and such other types of effects resulting from excessive man-made pollution are thriving in our globe, and this came to be in a mere decade or so. As development proceeds to the economically developed nations, such as America or China, manufacturing processes and fa...
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Global Global Warming’s Warning: Summer of 2018 봉의고등학교
It’s a no brainer that the hottest time of the year is during summer, when the sun hesitates to go down and the days are longer than ever. What’s alarming about this particular summer of 2018, however, is its record-breaking high temperatures around the world. From Europe to Asia, no continent on th...
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Global The Pros of the Reunification of the Two Koreas 봉의고등학교
No Image Geographically, Korea as a country is a peninsula, with the ocean covering three sides of the land. Realistically, however, North and South Korea are separated- meaning that South Korea serves as an island, with no land to travel on all four sides. In recent years, with the seemingly smooth se...
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Global Trade war between China and the US - Tariff Port Vila International School
Recently, Chinese products such as Technology goods (semiconductor chips assembled in China) which goes in televisions, smartphones and cars were affected by tariff making them 25% more expensive for the US consumers. In retaliation to US implemented tariffs, China has hit American agriculture, Car ...
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Global BTS, advertise K-POP to the world 위례한빛중학교
Do you know about BTS? They are a seven-member boy group at Big Hit entertainment. They made their debut in 2013 and grew rapidly, and now they're the most popular group of recent days. Last year, they had awarded in the 2017 Billborad Music Awards and became a glober star. And once again, they m...
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Global America Gun Shooting, How Government Reacts Seoul International School
This topic of America’s gun shooting has been fired to extreme controversy recently in the US and has been a hot issue for weeks, as Trump also mentioned the plan of “Teachers Bearing Arms.” This was after the February gun shooting at one of the high schools in Florida. It was almost the 22nd gun...
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Global The earth''''''''s peacekeeper, U.N 위례한빛중학교
No Image I'm sure you have heard about the United Nations(U.N). The Unitd Nations is a representative international organization. They work for all the people in the earth. Then, what the United Nations does? They protect human rights and promote sustainable development. Also, they uphold international law. ...
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Global Increasing Inter-Korean Cultural Exchanges 용인한국외국어대학부설고등학교
Increasing cultural exchanges between North and South Korea: Upcoming bright future The reconciliatory mood between South and North Korea is actively ongoing as South Korean regional government seems to recover ties with North Korean government since the summit meeting of two leaders. After 2010,...
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