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Global Social Supermarket 진선여자고등학교
On one side of the world, there are people who eat whatever they want to eat. They go to the supermarket to buy food for every meal and of course they leave food waste. However, on the other side of the earth, there are people who live in poverty. They are short of money that they end up in food p...
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Global The Economic Impact Of The Presidency of Trump 인천국제고등학교
After Donald Trump won the presidency becoming 45th president of the USA on November 11th, 2016, the overall world financial markets fell in panic. S&P 500 where business dealings are operating for almost twenty-four hours and E-MINI Nasdaq 100 have collapsed by 5% after the election. KOSPI whi...
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Global Writing letters to strangers? 진선여자고등학교
Nowadays, the main communicative means is using online services like the internet, Facebook, email and so on. We express our pain or happiness on Facebook with a short post of less than 140 characters. But did you know that people used to letter each other long time ago? The postman would visit hous...
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Global One Simple Tip to Become "Global Citizen" 광남고등학교
No Image "Global Talent" is the keyword that every university in South Korea, or in world wants to find out. To focus on Korea, college entrance type of this sort of field requires at least one official foreign language ability test score. More thant that, universities request students to be as profession...
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Global Genius 대전삼육중학교
No Image There are problem in our educational systems and one of problems is genius. Korea does cramming teaching. This method can break kids' genius. Our country, Korea never developes our way of teaching. Adults still force kids to follow teachers like puppets. Now when the upper class find out that the...
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Global Emotion 대전삼육중학교
No Image This is the worst thing that human-being owns. It could be either gift or curse. This is advantage of animals. Angers,sympathy,madness are part of this. Many people mess up their work because of this. It's emotion. In my belief this is some kind of instinct. Because of this, humans can be subject...
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Global Comparing New deal Square deal and the New Society 이화외고
No Image Throughout the 20th century, legislation helping middle class people from being taken advantage of from monopolies, creating better civil rights for blacks, and protecting the consumer from adulterated products, were created under the policies of Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Jo...
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Global Comparing the revolutions of Russia and China 이화외고
No Image As a side effect of the world wars, the growing idea of nationalism and communism, served as an introduction for the revolutions that occurred in Russia and China. Within Russia, anger at the imperial family led the peasants to act out of extreme nationalism and self-pride overthrowing the monarchy ...
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Global The Accessible Icon Project 진선여자고등학교
In New York, people noticed something strange about the mark for the disabled. The original sign for the disabled shows a stick man sitting straight on a wheelchair. This sign is the international standard sign chosen by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and is used by a ma...
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Global 광복절 대전삼육중학교
No Image “korea was once destroyed by Japan."Our country once lost the power to control the country and the people. A country need three things. "Sovereignty, people and the lands. They took our people and used them as bullet shields and treated them as pigs. They killed our queen 명성 and they tried to took o...
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