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Global ShaoXing, Lu Xun’s Hometown 상해한국학교
Lu Xun(鲁迅, 1881–1936) was a famous Chinese writer, philosopher and revolutionist from the early 20th century. An important person during the New Cultural Movement, he wrote the first novel in contemporary Chinese, “The Madman’s Diary(狂人日记)”. He often criticized the Chinese societ...
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Global Heavy snow stroke the earth! 한국교원대학교부설고등학교
For more than a week, heavy snow has stoke the earth with heavy wind. This time snow is not just 'snow' but also contains many meanings. From now on, I would like to introduce you those meanings. First, it was a exceptionally heavy snow in many areas around the world. For example, in Minesota...
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Global How Do Chinese People Care For Their Health? 상해한국학교
The daily lives of people in China are quite different from ours. Though some aspects may seem strange, many things the Chinese do are wise actions that do good to their health. 1. Outdoor Exercises for Everyone: GuangChangWu In many parks and empty lots, there are often groups of people, old ...
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Global Major News in China 2015 상해한국학교
January: Stampede at the Bund On December 31, 2014, there was a stampede accident during the New Year countdown at Chenyi Square at the Bund. It killed 36 people and injured 49 people, causing chaos and sadness on New Year’s Day. The government of Shanghai imposed severe punishment to 11 party offi...
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Global IS Strikes Again 불암중학교
In a barbaric Saturday night, France officially declared a national state of emergency. It was a bloodshed. Over 128 people were killed and at least 180 people were severly injured. People were shot dead at restaurants and bars at five other sites in Paris. The assaults unfolded at various location...
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Global Beauty is Only Skin Deep 불암중학교
The main problem teenagers have is the fact that they are not satisfied with how they look, how much they weigh and has the desire to look 'Perfect'. They seem to be upset when they think that they are the only ones in the society that has negative body image. Obesity is one problem that the teenage...
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Global The Reunified Korea and City Development 춘천여자중학교
The Reunified Korea and City Development 70 years have passed since the South and North Korea divided. The two countries show wide disparity in cultural, social, ideological aspects based on each country’s different standard of living. Reuniting two countries would be an arduous journey. To buil...
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Global Remove The Wars in Mind 초월고등학교
Let's say we are all in June 25th, 2040. “Chick, chick, pock, pock” The train is jolting heavily, and shaking of it is followed by the beat of my heart. As time goes by, the train is on the Pyongyang Street which is in my grandfather's home town. Hurrah! Finally North and South Korea had a unifica...
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Global Weather anomalies in U.S.:is it a counterattack? 인천국제고등학교
California, called blessed land with a warm temperature and abundant sunshine, has been suffering from drought for over four years. Forest fire burnt almost 542 km2 in Sequoia National Park in California from last summer. The public is prohibited from entering the mountain path. It is known as the w...
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Global How the reunification will affect Korean economy? 인천국제고등학교
During Japanese colonial era, Korea lost its chance to develop for several years and was divided into two countries by the destructive Korean war in 1950. But, today, Republic of Korea(South) has followed up advanced countries in economy, social and culture. ‘Hallyu’ has been spreading around the wo...
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