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Global The Accessible Icon Project 진선여자고등학교
In New York, people noticed something strange about the mark for the disabled. The original sign for the disabled shows a stick man sitting straight on a wheelchair. This sign is the international standard sign chosen by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and is used by a ma...
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Global 광복절 대전삼육중학교
No Image “korea was once destroyed by Japan."Our country once lost the power to control the country and the people. A country need three things. "Sovereignty, people and the lands. They took our people and used them as bullet shields and treated them as pigs. They killed our queen 명성 and they tried to took o...
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Global IMAGINE 진선여자고등학교
Most of the people know that sharing is something that we should put into action. But we hesitate for a while……why? That’s because we do not know how to share. Or maybe, we think that donating money is the only thing we can do for the poor. But no way! There are tons of beautiful ways to share and h...
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Global Let Girls Learn 진선여자고등학교
We feel natural about girls going to school because it seems so obvious. We think that everyone has the right to be educated. But actually, there are 62 million girls who don’t have the chance to be educated. In Nigeria, hundreds of young girls were kidnapped as they prepared for their final exams a...
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Global North Korea 대전삼육중학교
No Image They are always problem. If we don't unite,we will always fight with them. I'm talking about North Korea,. Recently, North Korea launched the nuclear missiles and made a nuclear-powred submarine. their president, 김정은's goal is simple, to make the U.S.A.obey him. Of course he can't make that much mon...
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Global Yancheng Tornado 서울국제학교(SIS)
On June 23rd, which was on a Thursday, a fierce tornado destroyed an eastern Chinese city. It killed 98 and damaged 800 people, and it catapulted cars, trees, and cell phone towers to the air. Houses of many became ashes, and many were found homeless. This storm, which began around 2:30 P.M., was...
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Global Do you know your dreams? I know mine! 진선여자고등학교
Do you have your own dream? According to a survey, about 60% of Korean high school students turned out to have no dreams. They just put up with grueling academic curriculum so they could be accepted into a prestigious college. Entering into renowned colleges, like the Seoul National University, is t...
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Global The Misconception of the Highest Mountain 불암중학교
No Image When people are asked the question, "What is the highest mountain in the world?" most people answer, "Mount Everest." However, the answer to the question is not Mount Everest but an inactive volcano called Chimborazo which is placed on the equator. The Mount Everest is 8,848 above the level of the...
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Global The U.S Election 2016 불암중학교
The U.S election is heating up with the dominant Donald Trump ruling the Republican side and Hilary Clinton still locked in an unpredictable race with the left-wing senator, Bernie Sanders. All of the candidates for the Republican side have dropped out except for Donald Trump who has been declared t...
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Global North Korea has taken a drastic measures 상산고등학교
BBC correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, who has been detained and expelled by North Korea, returned to Beijing in the afternoon of May 9th. CNN journalist Will Ripley tweeted that he has suffered it on account of reporting discourteously of the chief, Kim Jong-un. Likewise, a official of a dipl...
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