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Global The environment campaign of Starbucks 춘천여자중학교
As the world concentrates on eco-friendly society, lots of enterprises are trying to appeal themselves as ethical and environment preserving companies. Starbucks is one of them. Starbucks has been continuing several environmental campaigns for years. This year on April, for example, Starbucks held a...
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Global Solar energy in use 서울프랑스학교
Solar energy is one of the most efficient renewable energy sources because it offers continuous solar energy without emitting toxic pollution or global warming emissions. Though, it has some environmental impacts too, such as land use, loss of habitats and hazardous materials. Problems of land l...
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Global Sustainable development is our future 서울프랑스학교
The concept of sustainable development was introduced in 1971 during a United Nations Conference on Human Environment. It is a long term project based on social, economic and environmental requirements to continue to live in harmony with nature. The first international action program for the sust...
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Global How about an eco city? 서울목일중학교
No Image As the 21 century begins, everyone knows that environmental problems are getting worse. The main reason for the environmental pollution is that humans emitted too many greenhouse gases such as methane(CH4) and carbon dioxide(CO2). (There may be another pollutant like an oil spill.) Is there anythi...
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Global Rare earth metals 아시아 퍼시픽 국제외국인학교
Rare Earth Metals You might first be like, “What are rare earth metals?” Well, rare earth metals are natural earth elements that are located in the earth’s crust and play an important part for industrial purposes. They are a very unique group of elements as they create better efficiency, dura...
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Global Have a break, have a Kit Kat 불암중학교
Have a break, have a KitKat. This is the world famous chocolate company "Kit Kat"s motto on comercials. However if you go to Japan, you can have many breaks, because Kit Kat bars come in a massive array of flavours and each one will take your taste buds by surprise. For the unfamiliar, these KitK...
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Global World Education Form 인천국제고등학교
From Tuesday, May 19th to Friday, May 22nd, the World Education Form 2015 (WEF) was held in Songdo-Convensia, in Incheon, in Republic of Korea. It is one of the International festival leaded by UNESCO, in collaboration with six co-conveners which are UNICEF, UN Women, World Bank Group etc. in order ...
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Global Shanghai, China, Going Global 상해한국학교
Shanghai, China. This is where I have lived for my whole life, or at least as long as I can remember. The city with the largest population in the world, Shanghai holds a mixture of traditional and urban atmosphere, which excites people inside and outside of the city. Tourists admire all the unique s...
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Global The beauty in Nowon 서울 상곡 초등학교
No Image The place where I live is called Nowon District, Seoul, Korea! In Nowon, there are many more different things than any other district in Seoul. There are many mountains surrounding Nowon and it is one of the different aspects of other district. Seoul is a very large modernized and developed city, i...
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Global A Thorn in a Rose Bush 서울 외국인 학교
Ansan, a mountain in my neighborhood, is an exceptionally beautiful mountain. In seasons, flowers bloom across the mountain : coloring the forests with vivid colors. Gentle cherry blossom petals float gracefully towards the ground in spring. Shortly after the cherry blossoms, bright yellow flowers b...
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