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Global Taegeukgis in Shanghai! 상해한국학교
Saturday August 15, 2015 was a very special day for Koreans in Shanghai. For the first time, the Korean national flag, Taegeukgi, was put up in Korean homes in parts of the city. In addition, there was an event that celebrated the 70th anniversary of Korea’s National Liberation day. All this was ...
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Global Tianjin explosion shakes many 불암중학교
Dangerous and chemical goods were stored in a warehouse when the Tianjin explosion occured. There were many explosions following the first explosion which occured around 1:30 on Wednesday. Shockwaves were felt several kilometres away. The China Earthquake Networks Centre said the magnitude of the...
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Global Visit Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou! 상해한국학교
China, a popular country among travelers, is indeed a place of diversity. Some tourist destinations present the culture of ancient dynasties; others show us radiant sights of the modern city. However, there are also places with yet another different set of amazing sights. Chengdu(成都) and Jiuzhaigou(...
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Global The Earth is thirsty because of drought. 인천국제고등학교
The regions that suffer from drought all over the world are increasing. Especially western area of US, Indonesia, India and Pakistan are suffering from an extreme drought. For example, since an intense drought has been lasting for four years in California, its governor commanded citizens to save w...
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Global The World Food Prize 불암중학교
This year’s World Food Prize has been awarded to Sir Fazle HasanAbed. The announcement was made on June 26. Sir Fazle is from Bangladesh. The World Food Prize is often called the “Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture”. It is given to a person who has improved the quality, quantity or availability of...
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Global Greece Defaults 인천국제고등학교
Greece had a debt to International Creditors like EU, ECB and IMF which costs three hundred fifteen billion five hundred million€. Moreover the date of redemption, July 20th was upcoming. It became a big issue whether Greece will exit Eurozone or not. According to ABC News, some of the reasons why ...
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Global The environment campaign of Starbucks 춘천여자중학교
As the world concentrates on eco-friendly society, lots of enterprises are trying to appeal themselves as ethical and environment preserving companies. Starbucks is one of them. Starbucks has been continuing several environmental campaigns for years. This year on April, for example, Starbucks held a...
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Global Solar energy in use 서울프랑스학교
Solar energy is one of the most efficient renewable energy sources because it offers continuous solar energy without emitting toxic pollution or global warming emissions. Though, it has some environmental impacts too, such as land use, loss of habitats and hazardous materials. Problems of land l...
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Global Sustainable development is our future 서울프랑스학교
The concept of sustainable development was introduced in 1971 during a United Nations Conference on Human Environment. It is a long term project based on social, economic and environmental requirements to continue to live in harmony with nature. The first international action program for the sust...
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Global How about an eco city? 서울목일중학교
No Image As the 21 century begins, everyone knows that environmental problems are getting worse. The main reason for the environmental pollution is that humans emitted too many greenhouse gases such as methane(CH4) and carbon dioxide(CO2). (There may be another pollutant like an oil spill.) Is there anythi...
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