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Global The U.S Election 2016 불암중학교
The U.S election is heating up with the dominant Donald Trump ruling the Republican side and Hilary Clinton still locked in an unpredictable race with the left-wing senator, Bernie Sanders. All of the candidates for the Republican side have dropped out except for Donald Trump who has been declared t...
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Global North Korea has taken a drastic measures 상산고등학교
BBC correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, who has been detained and expelled by North Korea, returned to Beijing in the afternoon of May 9th. CNN journalist Will Ripley tweeted that he has suffered it on account of reporting discourteously of the chief, Kim Jong-un. Likewise, a official of a dipl...
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Global Terrorism Bill Passes Despite Uneasy NIS Past 서울국제학교 (SIS)
Just two months ago, a contentious bill making its way through the South Korean National assembly led to the longest filibuster recorded in world history. The Anti-Terrorism Bill, which eventually passed despite strong opposition and intense debate, gives the National Intelligence Service (NIS) t...
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Global Connection With Zica Virus and Climate Change 과천중학교
Recently, many countries are facing confusion, because of Zica virus. Zica is usually spreaded by the Aedes, and can't be prevented with medicine or vaccine yet. If the general public is infected, they will have headache, light fever, diarrhea, and will recover it about 3~7 days afterwards. There i...
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Global Zika virus is threatening the world! 인천국제고등학교
No Image The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" (PHEIC) Monday over the Zika virus on Feb. 1, 2016. This is the 4th declaration of WHO after flu pandemic(2009), Polio(2014) and Ebola virus(2014). Zika virus was first discovered from a monkey...
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Global The impact of oil price fall on Venezuelan economy 인천국제고등학교
No Image Possesing rich oil resources, Venezuela has reached the level of newly deveoping countries based on enormous oil money. But now, this precious resource is dragging its economy down because of recent fall in oil price. There are two main impacts on economy. The first Impact is in...
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Global ShaoXing, Lu Xun’s Hometown 상해한국학교
Lu Xun(鲁迅, 1881–1936) was a famous Chinese writer, philosopher and revolutionist from the early 20th century. An important person during the New Cultural Movement, he wrote the first novel in contemporary Chinese, “The Madman’s Diary(狂人日记)”. He often criticized the Chinese societ...
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Global Heavy snow stroke the earth! 한국교원대학교부설고등학교
For more than a week, heavy snow has stoke the earth with heavy wind. This time snow is not just 'snow' but also contains many meanings. From now on, I would like to introduce you those meanings. First, it was a exceptionally heavy snow in many areas around the world. For example, in Minesota...
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Global How Do Chinese People Care For Their Health? 상해한국학교
The daily lives of people in China are quite different from ours. Though some aspects may seem strange, many things the Chinese do are wise actions that do good to their health. 1. Outdoor Exercises for Everyone: GuangChangWu In many parks and empty lots, there are often groups of people, old ...
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Global Major News in China 2015 상해한국학교
January: Stampede at the Bund On December 31, 2014, there was a stampede accident during the New Year countdown at Chenyi Square at the Bund. It killed 36 people and injured 49 people, causing chaos and sadness on New Year’s Day. The government of Shanghai imposed severe punishment to 11 party offi...
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