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Global Growing Conflict in East Asia 기전여자고등학교
No Image Recently, the east asia is surrounded in a chaos. Korea, including North Korea, US, China, and Japan are in a conflict and it is increasing the range. The territorial conflict between China and Japan has been serious problem for many years. Plus, after the president Trump inaugurated, the US and C...
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Global Korea Reunion 서울국제학교(SIS)
No Image People can say that North and South Korea is just one country divided into two. But truly, it is not. There are too many differences to say that these two countries were one, and should become one again. I am not in the place to have a say in what have already happened, but this is not simply a matt...
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Global How to Win the Drug War in The Philippines 과천중학교
Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines is trying to solve malicious problems which has been notable in the Philippines for a long time. His government promised supporting more money for education and solve poverty as family planning. Especially, he informed his rigid opinion by informing dru...
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Global Adults'''' problem 대전삼육중학교
No Image There are some questions for kids or teenagers when adults are paradoxical. In my case, adults around me are paradoxical. First, when I was young my parents were sharing happiness when I told them my dream. At first, they said nothing is problem if I have dreams but then, they got mad cause I did no...
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Global Social Supermarket 진선여자고등학교
On one side of the world, there are people who eat whatever they want to eat. They go to the supermarket to buy food for every meal and of course they leave food waste. However, on the other side of the earth, there are people who live in poverty. They are short of money that they end up in food p...
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Global The Economic Impact Of The Presidency of Trump 인천국제고등학교
After Donald Trump won the presidency becoming 45th president of the USA on November 11th, 2016, the overall world financial markets fell in panic. S&P 500 where business dealings are operating for almost twenty-four hours and E-MINI Nasdaq 100 have collapsed by 5% after the election. KOSPI whi...
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Global Writing letters to strangers? 진선여자고등학교
Nowadays, the main communicative means is using online services like the internet, Facebook, email and so on. We express our pain or happiness on Facebook with a short post of less than 140 characters. But did you know that people used to letter each other long time ago? The postman would visit hous...
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Global One Simple Tip to Become "Global Citizen" 광남고등학교
No Image "Global Talent" is the keyword that every university in South Korea, or in world wants to find out. To focus on Korea, college entrance type of this sort of field requires at least one official foreign language ability test score. More thant that, universities request students to be as profession...
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Global Genius 대전삼육중학교
No Image There are problem in our educational systems and one of problems is genius. Korea does cramming teaching. This method can break kids' genius. Our country, Korea never developes our way of teaching. Adults still force kids to follow teachers like puppets. Now when the upper class find out that the...
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Global Emotion 대전삼육중학교
No Image This is the worst thing that human-being owns. It could be either gift or curse. This is advantage of animals. Angers,sympathy,madness are part of this. Many people mess up their work because of this. It's emotion. In my belief this is some kind of instinct. Because of this, humans can be subject...
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