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Sports Tang Tang 고명중학교
2016 Rio Olympic is coming up. A lot of players practice their events. One of the most exciting events is shooting. Gun is use for many ways. It can be scary weapon. Also it can be good sport tools too. The shooting is choosing Olympic events and it needs hard concentrate and powerful stamina. Korea...
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Sports Longest war with your mind 고명중학교
These days, many TV programs broadcast Marathon program in a lot of countries. The marathon is one of the hardest sports. When you see goal into the final line who run marathon, you can see marathoner`s ugly face. This sport is exited and touching too. Marathon was started in Greece Athens, when Gre...
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Sports Cung Cung 고명중학교
2015 rugby world cup is finished. I have a quiz. When you play this sport, you will probably hurt your body. It`s rugby. Rugby is one of the most dangerous sports. However, all over the world people love rugby. Rugby started in England. It became trend in the 12th century even though king banned it...
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Sports Splash! 고명중학교
Korea`s traditional holiday `Seollal` is coming up. A lot of people are ready to go other countries. During tour, also many tourists choose to do scuba diving. Scuba diving was started in Arisia to use in the army. But they were made a way to do it also they didn`t it in real life. This record was...
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Sports 3rd Food war 고명중학교
These days, many food fight TV programs are popular. Anyway, the world food fight championship in Saipan is coming up. Every years this festival is exciting. The winner is who eats food fastest. Hot dogs are eaten. It's popular. Last year, a lot of people participated. In this competetion the Korean...
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Sports Ha Ha 고명중학교
Most of the comedy TV programs, diving for give us fun. But, it`s use for real sport too. In 1886, Germany held The first between Kim cheon and international world diving championship World player campionships so, diving event is started. Ancient German people or Europe people made a spring borad or...
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Sports If person is heaven above 고명중학교
What sport is the most scary and exciting to do? Many people choose skydiving. Skydiving is known by a lot of people in Korea. TV program broadcast sky diving with beautiful views such as Great Blue Hall. This sport is used for military purpose. In the army, it is use for permeation to other army. N...
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Sports Ocean prince 고명중학교
The 2016 Korean Cup yacht competition is coming up. This competition had a lot of issues in the last game in 2009. In the Korean Match Cup in Yesuo 2009 , one sailor died. So, this competition was canceled during game. So Korea is reinforced safety and made rules harder. This contest`s off sure rout...
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Sports Happy New Major leaguers!! 고명중학교
A happy new season is coming up. Also a lot of players are trying to change team or go another league. In this new season, two Korean hitters go to "dream league" The people who will go to the dream league are Kim Hyon-Su and park Byoung-Ho. Kim will be moving to Baltimore and is promised to receive...
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Sports Baseball`s Royal Family 고명중학교
Premier 12 Baseball League begun on November 8, 2015. Premier Baseball League is a competition in which participate all of the world. In this game Korea is participating. This competition is divided into two teams. It mixes many continents. Korea played 4 games won 3. Then, I will talk about you to ...
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