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Sports I had a dream in afternoon! 고명중학교
On June 17th, I heard good new after I came to school. It was an unexpected result. I received a red desk lamp and stared vacantly. I presented a lots of news but I didn`t wish for this award. I write this news to have fun. Anyway, I express my gratitude for reading my articles. I will present more ...
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Sports Do you know how to help your country? 고명중학교
Do you know the FIFA rankings? I think you can`t remember all of it. First, we have to study about FIFA, so that`s you can understand about it. What is FIFA`s original name? It`s Fédération internationale de Football Association. It was formed in 1904, and now about 209 member ...
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Sports Want you make your country popular? 고명중학교
On July 6th, one of the best baseball players, Lee Seung Yeop, recorded his 400th homerun. It`s an amazing record. This record is the first 400 homerun in korea. Do you know a lot of amazing records in Korean sport? When you watch it, it would surprise you. First, we will search baseball re...
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Sports Stars are going to fly 고명중학교
The 33th All Star baseball game is coming up. A lot of people are engaged with this game and check their own team`s player. The All Star game opens on July 18th. Many people are looking forward to this game. That is because, the KT wiz team is participating for the first time and also the two t...
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Sports FIFA Scandel GVCS 글로벌선진학교
On may 27th, the official website of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) presented 9 executives of FIFA, and international football association. These 9 individuals, including current and former vice president of FIFA, were accused and arrested for their huge corruptions and bribery. The FBI had a...
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Sports The die is already thrown 고명중학교
The 7th female world cup is being held from June 6th until July 5th in Canada. At the beginning of the world cup, it didn`t attract interest for us. However, now we are concerned about it. That is because South Korea will play against Brazil this month. Brazil`s team is one of the strongest tea...
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Sports Do you know ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''foot golf''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''? 세마고등학교
"Foot golf" appeared at some golf courses in Europe and Canada. It is the solution for reduced golf population. Foot golf is the combination of soccer and golf. Its rule is not so different from the real golf rule. The biggest difference is using feet instead of golf club. The scale of the hole be...
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Sports ARE RYU OKAY ? 고명중학교
During the first week of May, Korea received bad news. One LA Dodger spoke his mind "Ryu Hyun Jin", pitcher, had suffered a critical shoulder injury. He might come back later. Last season, he gave a lot of winning games to his team. He had 26 games, fourteen winning games, a 3.38 ERA, and 139 st...
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Sports Ready to cheerleading!! 고명중학교
Universiade of Gwungju is 53 days away. Many events wait for us such as baseball, soccer and golf. A lot of people are looking forward to this Universiade. So, Korea is preparing hard and selecting players. About 120 countries and more than 20,000 players will participate in it. Universiade ...
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Sports Shall we play tee ball ? 고명중학교
Tee ball season will open like a flower on the third week of May. The first pro baseball game of 2015 occurred two weeks ago , but some hot games are still being played these days. Seongbuk-gu`s teeball teams are training hard. To get ready for the Teeball tournament, teams are training hard base...
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