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Sports This is miracle 고명중학교
In April 29, 2017 there was miracle game in Kiev, Ukraine. The South Korean team won the final round of the World Championships in Group A of the international ice hockey cup which was held by International Skating Union. By winning the match, the South Korean team was promoted to the first divisi...
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Sports Don''''''''t get excited 고명중학교
One month passed to fast. But fortunately, Korean baseball season is playing continuously. A lot of things happen during one month passed. Among this happens, something serious things happened this month. The main issue is judge's refereeing vs players' restraint. In April 28th, Lee Dae Soo who is ...
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Sports It`a not fair 고명중학교
Do you remember that I posted article about Sapporo Winter Asian game? In February 21st, there was a big issue in this game. There was a woman 500m short track final in Sapporo Makomanai stadium. 3 front runners were standing on the start line. (Fan Kexin, Jang Lee Jar- Chinese Ito Ayuko- Japanese...
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Sports Dreams☆ come true 고명중학교
In February 19th, Sapporo Asian winter game was held.( Tip!: Next winter Asian game will held in Beijing 2021) Currently, Korea ranks first in the Sapporo Winter Games. At the Sapporo Winter Asian Games, 42 countries participated, followed by 11 events and 64 games. South Korea won six gold medals,...
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Sports 1 of chance, 99 of belief 고명중학교
A Paris disaster occurred on February 15. This disaster was neither terrorism nor violence. These days, the European Football League is on the way. In February 15th, there was a big game. Paris Saengand FC Barcelona met. Everyone believed Barcelona would overwhelm itself. But th...
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Sports Universiade in Almaty 고명중학교
2017 Winter Universiade in Almaty is continue playing. It was started at January 28th, and it will finish in February 8th. A lot of South Korea players raise a lot of news of victory. First, Universiade's target is University students. It was started in 1923 in Paris. Universiade is divided into wi...
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Sports AI-Artificial is scarier than Avian Influenza 고명중학교
Do you know the original version of Alpha-Go? Alpha-Go is Al (Artificial Intelligence) for play Go (Baduk). Before Alpha, there was Chess AI that is similar with Alpha. Its name is Deep blue which was made by IBM. It is super computer that is idealized in chess play. Deep blue fight with World chess...
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Sports Your hometown is 고명중학교
Big boy is coming. In January 26th, big boy Lee Dae Ho arrived at his hometown Busan after he finished training in Saipan. He tried to contract with Seattle Mariners. However he chose another choice. He decided to come to his home team Lotte Giant. He will receive 15 billion Won for 4 years. It`s b...
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Sports A wind of change 고명중학교
Long time no see! In these days, the technical development chairman of FIFA MARCO VAN BASTEN made issue. Because they assert the rule of soccer should be change. Many soccer players and coaches are against about their opinion. First, they want to repeal offside rule. The reason of this opinion is j...
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Sports Dragons stretching 고명중학교
A lot of sport party is coming up. In these days, many sport stars are spreading wings. First, `Marine Boy Returns`. Marine boy Park Tae Whan award gold medal in International short course Competition. He reaches the final (100m freestyle) nay more. Second, new rookie Cha June Whan record bronze m...
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