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Sports No look shoot 고명중학교
One TV gag program played vowling with famous TV star. Star showed us `No look shoot`. That program was pretty fun I think. Anyway, bowling is the all - round sport. Children or old person can play it easliy. The target of this sport is simple. You should bring down bowling fin. 10 bowling fins are ...
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Sports Party in summer 고명중학교
The weather is getting hotter in these days. The exciting news is that even if summer approaches, the All-star game is drawing near. This year, the all star game will open on July 14th to 15th. As you know, the All-Star game team is divided into the southern leagues teams and the northern league...
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Sports The battle of second 고명중학교
Have you ever played sports called Kin ball? One competition is playing in these they. The name of the game is `School sports club league competiton.` Sejong city held this contest. Among 7 kinds of event, I`d like to talk you about Kin Ball. The Kin ball is one of the rising popular sports in the...
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Sports Alpha Wall 고명중학교
Ke Jie lost game which play with Alphago 2.0. Only one game is left. What's your opinion? Do you know 'Go' means 'Baduk'? In Japan, they say Go and in Korea, we say Baduk. That is why Alpha-Go's name is Alpha-Go. Anyway in January 31st, Korea, China and Japan Baduk competition was held in Beijing...
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Sports Flying dishes 고명중학교
The flying disk is a famous sport in school. But flying disk is not a sport. It means disk which we throw for fun. It's not real disk such as glass disk and plastic disk. The prefer game which uses disk is ultimate. The goal of this game is get a more score than other team. The way to get a score...
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Sports His terrible day 고명중학교
Big mountains came to RYU who is playing in the Major League Baseball. Last month, I wrote article about him. He showed us pretty good pitch. However, in May 12th, he pitched in the game which played with Colorado. This game was return match because he injured hip last week. First inning, he catched...
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Sports Ssing Ssing 고명중학교
The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is coming up gradually. Few weeks ago, Tv program name 'Infinite challenge' broadcasted about bobsleigh. In the winter Olympic, there are many events to use sled. One of the most exiting sled sports is luge. This sport is made in the Alps nation such as Switzerland, A...
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Sports Robot? 고명중학교
Long time ago, the big match in century has been finishing. It`s Alpha go’s revolt. However, the Alpha go’s revolution is not so critical problem. A lot of scholars predicted that the number of work places will increase as many as the number of robots. Also it made a lot of public opinion. It mean...
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Sports Save 고명중학교
Do you know Korean is the best nation which has a lot of sharpshooters? Every Olympic or international cup, archery or shooting show the ability. However, sad news was come not long ago. International Shooting Federation decided to change or remake the events include 50m shooting. This events is fam...
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Sports RYU can do it 고명중학교
RYU come back! He finally delivered the news of victory. In May 1st, he won the game with 9 three strikes. He played 5.1 innings and gives only one point. It was home game played with Philadelphia Phillies. The victory is more meaningful because he can`t victory for 973 days after the injury. In th...
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