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Sports Dragon ascends to heaven 고명중학교
3rd of June, 2016In, the legend of boxing was dead. His name is Muhammad Ali. He is famous boxer in America. On the other hands, he was the best pacifist, too. He awarded UN peace medal in 2005. Why did he turn job despite he has everything such as money and honor? Because he has so bad memories ...
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Sports Cheer up 고명중학교
Every day the Korean major leaguer`s News are updating. At the first month in these season, Korean leaguer`s grade is not so good. But these days, their potential energy is exploring. This season`s major leaguers are consisted of best players. The name of players is Lee Dae Ho, Oh Senug Whan, P...
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Sports Legend''''s coming 고명중학교
In these days, the summer clothes( cooling technology ) is hitting the world sport wear market. So, summer is already coming. What is the most common sport in the summer? That's right. Swimming. This Rio Olympic has swimming events too. Last year, the Korea's famous player Park Tae- Hwan was ban...
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Sports Golden time 고명중학교
The chlidren`s day is coming up. A lot of parents surf the internet to surprise their chlidren. Also the government 50% sale the baseball ticket during long weekend( May 5th to 9th ) in Jamsil stadium . In New Seoul Ballpark, Nexon Heros team spread about five thousand T- shirts for their fan of chi...
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Sports Scratch ice`s mind 고명중학교
Last winter, the Korea TV program " I'm living alone " broadcast some wonderful challenge. The challenger of this challenge is famous trainer. However, he was failed even though he is good trainer. This hard sport is ice climbing. This sport only can play in winter. Ice climb is play in frozen wa...
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Sports Big boss 고명중학교
An outdoor sport is trend on these days. Rock climbing is extremely as well as funny. This sport was started after the World War 2 because of the improvement of climbing tools such as Nylon climbing rope. The basic skill of climbing is start in pose. The most important pose is move only one hand or ...
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Sports The battle of milliseconds 고명중학교
One week ago, The World junior fencing competition was started. When you see fencing, you could feel duzzing. First, fencing was started in Frence to prepare for war. The long and big period of sword was ended by appearance of gun. So the sword be more thiner and more longer. This thin sword chan...
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Sports Stone sledding 고명중학교
Peongchang winter Olympic is coming up. One of the special event in winter Olympic is curling. Many people don`t know what is curling. Curling was started in Scottland. Rule of the curling is two teams, each consisting of four people are disappointed the game slipped round and flat stones (stone) ...
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Sports Octagon stadidum 고명중학교
In these days, KBO baseball league demonstration game is playing. One of the best baseball stadium was made in Gwangju last year. Also this year, one of the colorful stadium was made and open in last week. It`s Samsung Lions park. Today, Samsung Lions was won in new sadium. This colorful stad...
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Sports My awesome dream design 고명중학교
I have been wrote this report for 2 year. I'm not bad in English grade. But my dream is astronomer. I used to go out and watch beautiful stars. I'm sure that decide dream is not easy. Anyway, now my dream is astronomer. I used to watch S.F. (science fiction) movie such as 'Martian', 'Interstellar'...
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