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Sports Advice to your wife : `Lose your weight please` 고명중학교
Can you think about marvelous sports? a lot of people surprise because of Finland`s traditional sport. This sport named `Carry a wife`. This games rule is simple. Husbands lift their wifes (Another Women can participate such as sister, grandmother, girl friend). This sport started in a small town i...
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Sports PERIOD 고명중학교
Two teams survive in this terrible war. In Saturday October 26th, first war will start. NC Dinos and Doosan Bears are survivor. Let`s investigate about their fight power. First, NC was 2nd team in 2016 season. They record 83 win games, 3 draw and 58 lose. They get hit point about 0.29. Doosan...
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Sports Bone`s gone 고명중학교
Do you know about Thailand? Thailand is famous for massage. However, most of sports mania thinks Muay Thai is the famous. Muay Thai is similar with boxing. So people called this sport ` Thai Boxing ` too. But Muay Thai can use all of your body. The history of Muay Thai has many opinions. Arch...
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Sports `Retirement of Exploit` 고명중학교
One faithful subject is walk down from the ground. His name is `Jun Byong Doo` At the end of August, he decided to retire from SK Wiberns team. A lot of people don`t know about him. He started to rehabilitate after 2011 season end. After that, he can`t walk in first division league again for 5 yea...
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Sports Eagle Eagle eyes 고명중학교
The Eartian`s party in Rio ended brilliantly. Korean team ranked 8th grade. Do you know what is the final gold medal to us? Yes, it is In Bee Park`s Golf medal. She finished at 16-under 268 and recorded Golden Career Grand Slam for the first time. Then, what is a Golf? The history of Golf was star...
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Sports P.E.A.K 고명중학교
Rio Olympics is going along these days. Many players give us the news of victory from Rio. Anyway, South Korea has 6 Gold medals, 3 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. Amazingly, Archery players swept all Gold medals. Also they recorded eighth consecutive in Archery. We are looking forward to T...
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Sports Party of Earthian 고명중학교
Even this time, many people cheer up the Paralympics players. (When you typing `Paralympics` on the internet, you can cheer up them!) Do you know Paralympics? The 2016 summer Rio Olympic is coming up. However, the Rio Paralympics are coming, too. Paralympics is open when Olympics is finished. I...
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Sports Revolting of Screen 고명중학교
Can you see screen golf area around your house? The screen sports are developing with project beam technology. It has a lot of strong points. First, It's convenients because it's freely with the weather. Second, screen sports is more cheaper than real sports. Anyway, kinds of screen sports have...
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Sports Spread Wings of Butterfly 고명중학교
The second week of July has the hottest issue. That issue is bittersweet news. The famous swimming player, Park Tae Whan, can go Rio summer Olympic. He was banned national team representative because of doping. He`s disciplinary punishment is for 18 months. However, the Korean Olympic Committe...
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Sports Sport Interim closing. 고명중학교
Final term season is getting closer. Oh summer season come back-! First, 2016 UEFA Football Championship in France is started. Only 4 team is survive and in July 7, Portugal and Whales will crash each other. In July 8, France and Germany will explode. We need too many chickens to watch it all. ...
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