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Sports Postponed Tokyo Olympics 반송여자중학교
The IOC officially announced on Monday that it would postpone the Tokyo Olympics until next year. Japanese media including Yomiuri Newspaper and Asahi Newspaper reported on the 29th that the organizing committee of the event has prepared a plan to host the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, whi...
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Sports Transfer Market 천진국제학교
Soccer seasons are coming to the end. Unlike some of Asian countries, European countries have a year counting from the middle of the year. For example, Korea consider a full year from January to December. However, in England, a year starts from summer. The transfer market will be open very soon,...
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Sports Footballer''''''''s Extreme Wage 천진국제학교
No Image In the English Premier League, one of the five biggest soccer league in the world, players earn 2.5 million pounds on average in 2017. Even on the top wage list for sports players, footballers are always on the top. Then why do footballers get paid so much? First of all, their career last only for a...
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Sports Germany Defeated by Korea in World Cup Seoul International School
Yesterday, right around the corner of the day in Korea, there was a World cup match between Germany and Korea. Germany was previously ranked first as a world champion in soccer, which is the reason why a handful of Germans were looking forward to this year’s match, waving cheering sticks in public. ...
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Sports the baseball game to celebrate Yi Sun-shin 반송여자중학교
The Navy's Jinhae base headquarters and the NC Dinos, a baseball team, held a meaningful event to celebrate the birth of Admiral Yi Sun-shin. For three days from June 27 to 29, the NC Dinos played a home game against the Doosan Bears at the Masan Baseball Stadium in Changwon. On the occasion ...
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Sports Happy new policy 고명중학교
Happy New Year~ I wish you finished perfect 2017. I have some sad news about cars. Do you have old car in your house? The Ministry of Transportation began implementing policies in the environment in 2017 to increase the number of old car control cameras to avoid excessive fine dust. From this year, ...
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Sports Sword fight 고명중학교
At my sports center, many children practice kendo. I was curious about the difference between Haedong kendo and Daehan kendo. According to the naver blog, Daehan kendo is the different version of the Japanese kendo. What is Kendo? In the action movie, you can watch crossing swords scene easily. How...
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Sports Battleground in Pyeongchang 고명중학교
The Olympic torch for Pyeongchang has arrived in Gumi. Many people started to selling Pyeongchang Olympic celebration bill. Recently, many changes have occurred in South Korea because of this festival. Do you know the next Olympic venue? It`s Pyeongchang, South Korea. In these days, Korea governmen...
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Sports Korea and Japan 고명중학교
On December 16th, There was a soccer game between Korea and Japan. It was just an evaluation game, but the confrontation between Korea and Japan couldn`t simple. The result of this game is Korea`s overwhelming victory. This game showed us red devil`s potential. Anyway, The 2018 Russia World cup is ...
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Sports Bee- farming 고명중학교
South Korean footballer Son Heung-min scored another goal. On December 14th, 2017 he goaled the 8th goal of this season (2017~2018 EPL) in London. Also that goal was four consecutive goals. In this game, he played in left wing and trying to break through the Brighton and Hobbon Albion defense zone. ...
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