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분류 기사 제목 학교 / 학생이름
Sports Not booster it is bearster ! 고명중학교
In these days, one of the baseball team which is fighting with other team name Doosan bears is acrossing the winner wave. Team has won a three-game winning streak from August 17th .Do you know who the best picther is in 2016 season? He is oldest foreign player in Korea. Yes. He is Dustin Nippert. In...
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Sports Long long stick 고명중학교
In August 7th, there was IAAF world championship in London. In the long pole final round game, the new face Stefadini caughat a gold medal. She challanged world new record, sorry to say, she failed. Do you know the sport which use very long pole? Yes, it`s pole vault. Last year, the International T...
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Sports Icoo 고명중학교
Daegu science university showed us Teakwondo playing. As you know, Teakwondo is trditional sports of Korea, `Taekwondo` was played in Rio, too. A lot of people have known that original country of Teakwondo is China. However, Teakwondo is Korean sport. The history of Taekwondo started in ancient ...
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Sports Hand on air 고명중학교
Do you know the flying disk is violence sport like a rugby? But flying disk is not a sport. It means disk which we throw for fun. We sometimes go park in a sunny day and throw and catch disk each other. It's not real disk such as glass disk and plastic disk. The profer game which uses disk is ulti...
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Sports Cool Gwangwhamoon 고명중학교
It is getting hotter day by day. Also the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is coming up. Maybe you will agree that the Winter Olympic most anticipated event is bobsleigh. Seoul city will open the ` Bobsleigh in the city` (water slide) This cool good news! It will open from August 19 to 20. Also a lot of ...
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Sports ``Super Fancy`` 고명중학교
Once upon a time, I used play car racing game a lot. As you know, beautiful and awesome car is common people`s dream. In these days, function is important than outside fancy. For example, phone number function. When car is pass by people who walk one the street, their phone number is come into si...
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Sports Cricket - It`s not snack`s name 고명중학교
Do you know there is Korea international cricket team? I think you heard about cricket once. First, cricket is started in England and England`s colons but it`s not perfect. 13th century England is most convinced. Cricket`s rule is very likes baseball but, it`s very different sport. Cricket play many...
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Sports The final competiton 고명중학교
All right Ryu ? "I'm satisfied with that I can throw the ball painlessly." Do you remember Ryu`s hard time? Our monster Ryu Hyeon-Jin was come back in July 8th, 2016 with Sandiago Partris. The operation spend 14 month to finish. He strikes out 3 players 'LA times' report that worried about his ...
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Sports Eco-friendly transportation 고명중학교
In this summer vacation, many middle school students riding a bike and go to trip with friends. As I think riding a bike is catching on our middle school. Students usually go Seoul forest or Han River bridges. A lot of students are buying Road Bike. Anyway, when did this convenient apparatus come...
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Sports Waiting 고명중학교
One Korean Chnnal will broadcast their new program name `city fisherman`. In this program, televison star who loves fishing appear. Fishing is one of the hottest sport among common man. They said, `this trilling time is can`t forget ever`. Fish was started in long time because of survive. Fish c...
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