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Sports Whenever finish... 고명중학교
In October 17, 2017 KBO pro baseball play-off is playing in Jamsil stadium. The opening pitching of first game is flinging us to 1980s. Legend player Park Cheol Soon threw the opening pitching. Let`s go to past baseball records today. What was the saddest records which are hard to fix?? First, Sams...
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Sports Let`s dance 고명중학교
Autumn is coming! I spent sports day today. It was so funny that all of my school friends were crazy because of girl cheerleaders. In these day, a lot of schools starting school events. What is the main event of them? Yes it`s sports day! Many people say sports day is funny and exiting. Then let`s i...
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Sports What is their future destiny? 고명중학교
Last year, Captain of Samsung Rions changed (Kim Han Su Captain). A lot of fans express discontent about this happens. Last captain of Samsung name Ryu Jung Ill become technician. Ryu captain is native Samsung man. He plays baseball until 1987 to 1999. Amazingly, he didn`t leaves Samsung team dur...
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Sports Let it be 고명중학교
As you know I mentioned about Pyeongchang a lot. Do you know the next Olympic venue? It`s Pyeongchang, South Korea. In these days, Korea government making an effort to advertise this Olympic. Because many countries are worried about the big pig of North Korea. Anyway, it will host the winter Olympic...
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Sports Surfing on the sun 고명중학교
I heard that my swimming teacher likes surfing yesterday. I think surfing is very fancy sports. You can think that the surfing is use only board but it's not right. There are many kinds of surfing games. Borad surfing rides and drives board. This sport uses big waves which come to the beach. S...
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Sports Brilliant days 고명중학교
Korea's big holiday Chuseok is coming up. As you know, this chuseok is very fast, so many middle school should mid term ealrlier than last year :( .Do you know the traditional sports of Korea? First, one of the most famous sports is Rope pulling contest. Winning team of this sport is team which pul...
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Sports Not booster it is bearster ! 고명중학교
In these days, one of the baseball team which is fighting with other team name Doosan bears is acrossing the winner wave. Team has won a three-game winning streak from August 17th .Do you know who the best picther is in 2016 season? He is oldest foreign player in Korea. Yes. He is Dustin Nippert. In...
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Sports Long long stick 고명중학교
In August 7th, there was IAAF world championship in London. In the long pole final round game, the new face Stefadini caughat a gold medal. She challanged world new record, sorry to say, she failed. Do you know the sport which use very long pole? Yes, it`s pole vault. Last year, the International T...
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Sports Icoo 고명중학교
Daegu science university showed us Teakwondo playing. As you know, Teakwondo is trditional sports of Korea, `Taekwondo` was played in Rio, too. A lot of people have known that original country of Teakwondo is China. However, Teakwondo is Korean sport. The history of Taekwondo started in ancient ...
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Sports Hand on air 고명중학교
Do you know the flying disk is violence sport like a rugby? But flying disk is not a sport. It means disk which we throw for fun. We sometimes go park in a sunny day and throw and catch disk each other. It's not real disk such as glass disk and plastic disk. The profer game which uses disk is ulti...
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