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Global The death of Queen Elizabeth II Asia Pacific International School
No Image Queen Elizabeth II recently passed away(September 8, 2022), and lots of people from all over the world mourned her death. The interesting part was that some people were glad about her death. Especially the Irish people and Argentinians were glad about Queen Elizabeth's death. This is very contra...
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Global How do you like them apples? 한국외국인학교 (Korea International School)
No Image School cafeterias contribute to food waste as food insecurity plagues America. In the middle of a school courtyard, surrounded by picnic benches and students eating lunch, sits an unassuming trash can. As students yell across the area to their friends, the sound echoes of concrete and carries ove...
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Global Deglobalization 분당 국제학교 (Bundang International School)
Have you heard of the word 'Deglobalization'? Deglobalization is a movement toward fewer exchanges between countries. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the consequences. However, it seriously impacts our society. I've got an example. McDonald's has closed every market in Russia. Not on...
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Global America needs to believe in its non-believers 한국외국인학교 (Korea International School)
No Image In the last presidential election cycle, remarkable progress was made in terms of diversity. Kamala Harris is the first bi-racial person, South-Asian person, black person and woman to hold the Vice-Presidential office. Pete Buttegieg was the first gay candidate to debate on the presidential debate s...
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Global Drying To Do Better 한국외국인학교 (Korea International School)
No Image Airborne contaminants, dirty toilet seats, mold and mildew: public bathrooms are grimy places. Even though I know, every single time I go to a public bathroom with friends, I always feel like I can’t make my friends wait for me, so I try not to take too long. And yes, I think I might have FOMO (...
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Global U.S. School Gun Violence 한국외국인학교 (Korea International School)
No Image Although there appears to be no place safer than one's own home, schools are meant to be the next best thing. A place where people may learn about the world and about one another. To develop. To become older. It's truly a place to bloom. Parents used to send their children to school without hesitati...
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Global Stigmatization of Mental Illness in China 한국외국인학교 (Korea International School)
No Image Comparable to Western countries, stigmatization of mental illness is commonplace in Asia. With increasing socio-economic stability and life expectancy, mental disorders and psycho-behavioral problems have become more prevalent over time. In China, 13 percent of all non-communicable disease burde...
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Global Russia-Ukraine - The primary causes of the war 고양외국어고등학교
No Image In an early Thursday morning of February 24, President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared a "special military operation", mentioning “the protection of people who have been subjected to persecution and genocide for eight years” and “bringing to justice those who committed bloody crimes against citize...
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Global Syrian refugees and education crisis 고양외국어고등학교
No Image Current Status of Syrian Refugees Since the civil war of 2011, the people of Syria called out for democratic reforms against the President Bashar-al-Assad. However, the result was violence against civilans, forcing them to flee outside of their own country. This ongoing crisis inevitably created mo...
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Global The two sides of Covid-19 environmental effects 고양외국어고등학교
The world is currently suffering due to the new coronavirus disease pandemic. However, air pollution, which has greatly threatened both the environment and our health, has decreased significantly. In large cities notoriously known for places in which this phenomenon has occurred, COVID-19 was preval...
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