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분류 기사 제목 학교 / 학생이름
Culture If North Korea and South Korea get unity.... 나곡초등학교
When the South Korea and North Korea get unity, they will have a lots of benefits or happiness. First, South, North Korea separated families will meet together. In 1980s' there was a broadcasting from KBS. Finding separated families. However, when the North and South Korea separated families me...
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Culture Super moon in town! 대덕고등학교
Starting from September 28 ~29 much of the world will get the chance to witness this space phenomenon. During this period the United States and most of Europe will witness a rare Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse. A Blood Moon happens when the entire moon is hidden behind the Earth’s shadows and appear...
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Culture One of the famous world festival 인천동방초등학교
No Image One of the famous world festival, Venezia Carnival started in1268. Nowadays, it starts two weeks before from Lent. Venezia Carnival was started to celebrate victory against Aquileia. You can enjoy many events like Maria contest(Festa delle Marie), advent of angel(Volo dell' angelo), beautiful mas...
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Culture About pimples 고양 송포초등학교
People who have pimples should wash their face often, not pick at them, and see a dermatologist. First of all, people need to wash their faces. It is very important to eliminate bacteria in pimples. Hence, they can eliminate pimples. Next, people need to not pick at their pimples. People usua...
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Culture Princess Deokhye 압구정고등학교
No Image We went to trip to National Palace Museum of Korea near the Gyeongbokgung. The national palace museum of Korea has a magnificent collection of art and objects from the palaces of Joseon. Arriving at 10 am we waited other students at the entrance. When all students arrived here, we entered ...
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Culture Literati, encourager to the society 수리고등학교
"I..I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.." It is the first phrase of a poem 'Howl' by Allen Ginsberg who was a poet of Beat Generation, which is what I'm going to say in this article. BEAT GENERATION; a group of nonconformist literati who banded...
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Culture Another Unesco World Heritage of Korea 한국교원대학교부설고등학교
No Image On July 4th, Baekje Historic Areas have chosen as an Unesco World Heritage. This is the 12th Unesco World Heritage in Korea, following other many famous sites, such as Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes(2007), Namhansanseong(2014), Hwaseong Fortress(1997). Unesco World Heritage is the heritage th...
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Culture Originality vs Conformity 아시아 퍼시픽 국제외국인학교
Originality vs Conformity In some circumstances, we are encouraged to follow what others do. In other circumstances, however, we are told to be individuals and are reminded that is it okay to be different from everyone else. Some may argue that conformity may be appropriate in day-to-day life, b...
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Culture Introducing my living area 한국교원대학교부설고등학교
Cheongju is the area where my family has lived since I was 5 years old. From now on, I would like to introduce you to some big events that are happening in Cheongju or events which can influence Cheongju. First of all, I will introduce the news about Jikji to you. Jikji is known as the first metal ...
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Culture Do you know Dokdo island whale Finless Porpoise? 고양 송포초등학교
Finless Porpoise lives in Dokdo island sea. Finless Porpoise is the smallest tooth whale. They can grow up to 2 meters tall. In korea, It is called Moo La chi too. They don't have a dorsal fin and their pectoral looks like egg. Their bodies are black. They weigh about 72 kilograms. Finless Porpoise'...
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