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Culture The effects of smartphone. 봉담중학교
Today, I will talk about the effects of smartphone. Nowadays, many people can use smartphone anytime, anywhere. Smartphone is one of the start-point of world's development. A smartphone has many useful applications like dictionary, internet, calendar, and many others. Even though I acknowledge the...
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Sophie Lee
Culture France Fashion in Rococo Age 세마고등학교
When Louis XIV died, Francd nobles moved from the Versailles Palace to salon. Salon was the place where nobles, literary man, and politician get together to think and talk about philosophy, science, literature, politic, art, etc. 'Rococo style' was born in here. The word 'rococo' came from the Fre...
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Culture True belief for right things on your will 수리고등학교
Do you know Yi Seong-gye’s eldest son was loyalist for Goryeo dynasty? After Joseon dynasty was founded, Yi Seong-gye got his seat on king of nation. He had five sons; one of those was prince Jinan, the first son of king. Jinan was simply a playboy who entertained drinking party and girls. ...
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Culture Memento from ‘Era of three kingdoms’ 수리고등학교
"The unfounded pictures of Shinra digenesty have been revealed". It was the first showing of ‘Seojomoon’(a picture painted by flower water) to public in promotion taken by National museum center. It will continue until 22nd June, they also displayed other discovered relics in one place. ‘Se...
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Culture Let''''s Sleep Over...At Our School! 중국 천진국제학교 (TIS)
Have you ever slept over at your friend's house? I believe many of you have done so. However, have you ever slept at your school (except those who live in dormitories)? In American high schools, schools provide students opportunities to sleep in the school. This is called the lock-in. In most school...
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Culture ''''''''''''''''You who came from the stars'''''''''''''''' hits China 진선여자고등학교
Despite the Chinese government’s bamboo curtain, a policy of restricting other countries or cultures from stepping into China, a Korean TV drama “You Who Came From the Stars” has spawned a craze all over the country. As a socialist nation, China does not want other countries to have too much influen...
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Culture 사랑의 손길: A beautiful act of love!!! 구곡초등학교
Early in the morning, many volunteers got together to deliver briquettes to the underprivileged. With briquettes on their backs, they were walking up the slope sweating their shirts. The briquettes were storing up in the warehouses of some lonely grandmothers who live alone and of other people w...
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Culture The rise of men''''''''''''''''s cosmetic industry in Korea 진선여자고등학교
Recently ABC news broadcasted about cosmetic products in South Korea wich has raised more than 10% last year. Even though many people suffer from financial difficulties it seems like cosmetic products seems to attract more men. This trend has made Korean Cosmetic Industry to release more cosmetics...
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Culture Do violent video games cause behavior problems? 서울 양동중학교
What is the similarity between Diablo 3, Starcraft, Minecraft, and Sudden Attack? They are all popular video games and they’re violent. In those games, the players can build houses, shoot monsters or have war with other players or teams. They can set up some bombs and blow up houses, too. The commo...
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Culture Honey from Lacquer trees!!! 구곡초등학교
Have you ever heard of or seen Lacquer trees? They are usually used to paint funiture or to make something in construction sites. We can hardly see the flowers of Lacquer trees because the trees get cut off 5~6 years after being planted. However the flowers of Lacquer trees are in full blossom...
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