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Culture Building my future as a Third Culture Kid tianjin international school
Third Culture Kid, in short TCK, may be a unfamiliar word for many students who have only lived and stayed in one country of their parents. People often refer children who live in different culture than that of their parent and nationalities as TCK. As TCK, I had a plethora of experiences that a nor...
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Culture Bloodline - A Star Wars Novel 아시아퍼시픽국제외국인학교 (APIS)
In this book, the Senate has been evenly split between the Populists, who believe power in the Republic should be spread across the member planets, and the Centrists, who instead want a single governing body to seize control. In the absence of Mon Mothma and her charismatic leadership, this divide h...
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Culture Debate over AP Test tianjin international school
May, a month that is supposed to be full of spring-feeling, flowers, excitement for new life, is only perceived as “AP Exam month” for students in many countries with AP courses as their educational system. According to the College Board, “Advanced Placement Program (AP) has grown to the premier...
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Culture Ulsan Whale Festival 2016 울산옥동중학교
Ulsan is a representative whale city which has whales carved into the rocks by prehistoric people. This rock is called Banhudae petroglyphs which is the national treasure number 285. The 'Ulsan Whale Festival' is held in Jangsaengpo to preserve the whale fishing tradition. It is now time f...
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Culture The Greatest Thing You''''ll Ever learn is.. 수리고등학교
ㅡCause I was afraid to ask her how long she was sitting there, I said calmly, standing vacantly on the very bottom of the stairs. "Jenny, I'm sorry" Then Jenny said "Stop it". She crossed my words, and said quietly "Love means never having to say you're sorry". I wonder how much we know about lo...
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Culture Talent or Hardwork? tianjin international school
“Hopping as she went, hop, hop, and hop. She turned at her back and saw little lazy tortoise slowly walking along the path. The smart young hare thought to herself, ‘I think even if I take a nap here, the tortoise wouldn’t be able to catch me! I am as fast as a wind and as quick as a lightening bolt...
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Culture Important study techniques 고양 송포초등학교
It is not easy to study effectively. There are a lot of techniques which are effective to study. There important study techniques study techniques are to have healthy habits, being in a quiet place, and studing at the same time each day. First of all, it is important to have healthy habits while yo...
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Culture Escaping from the Cruel Civilization 수리고등학교
Huckleberry Finn, who had an alcoholic and loafer father, has been threatening his life by his father. He felt risky for his life and disguised that he’s dead, left the house. He ran away with Jim, a banished slave whose owner Watson was about to sell him to the center of southern area where he mu...
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Culture Like winter goes, Spring comes 수리고등학교
In childhood, Some man gave up to become a drawer and became a pilot after he listened cold answers from adults for his Boa snake pictures, , After that, when he was air crafting, a plane developed engine trouble and made an emergency landing to Sahara desert and then not until met a boy, the littl...
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Culture The war of Themis vs Ares 수리고등학교
After WWII, As U.K felt threat of nuclear war which cased in uncertain point of future, They tried to shift 25 of boys. But unfortunately the plane containing the boys fall to the sea. They arrived to an island and they waited rescue. They lived there following the rules under Ralph’s conduction...
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