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분류 기사 제목 학교 / 학생이름
Culture THE PRESEUM 목행초등학교
Last June one Saturday, Korea Herald reporters went to the Preseum. The newspaper is like communication of social's mirror. What happens with the goverment, economy, society is unfolding like panorama in the newspaper's oneside. In the reporter's notes, he has many words and he wrote in a ...
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Culture The Last Emperor’s Palace 마북초등학교
Students reporters went to Deoksugung Palace for field trip last Saturday. Deoksugung Palace is one of the five Palaces of Korea’s last dynasty, the Joseon Dynasty. In 1592, Japanese army invaded the capital city, Seoul, so King Seonjo fled to Uiju. He resided in this palace for one and a half ...
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Culture History of Korea’s Newspapers 파주한빛초등학교
You might be wondering, ‘What good are newspapers? I prefer to watch TV news.’ However, newspapers are not boring. Actually, Newspapers gave hope to people in the Japanese Ruling Era. In this article, I will tell about the History of Korea’s newspapers. In 1883, Korea’s very first newspaper, ‘Han...
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Culture Gyeongungung Palace is special. 서래초등학교
Have you ever heard of Gyeongungung Palace? The original name of Deoksugung Palace was Gyeongungung. Gyeongungung is very unique because it is the first palace to contain some western-style building. Originally, Gyeongungung was the private house of older brother of King Seongjong. It became the...
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Culture The camping 원묵초등학교
Have you ever been camping? camping should be wiht nature, people and animals. Because nature gives us firewoods. People talk and laugh with each other. so people give us laughs. and animals give us meat for eating, dr play with people. If you go camping, You should obey the safety rules. 1...
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Culture Holiday diversity 서울 진선여자고등학교
Holidays are times when family members and friends get together to express their love for each other. Many find the holiday seasons joyful because they bring a lot of cheer to people’s lives. There are many kinds of holidays so that even the dictionary has several definitions for the word, ‘holiday’...
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Culture Bill Gatz’s Discourtesy: Really Gatz’s Fault? 파주한빛초등학교
On April 22th, Bill Gatz visited president Park Geun-Hye in purpose of Nuclear Technology cooperation, because Bill Gatz was now the CEO of an energy development form. However, it was his attitude that caught people’s attention. When Park Geun-Hye and Gatz shook hands, Gatz put his left hand in his ...
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Culture 2013 chungju Children’s Day Festival 목행초등학교
Today at Chungju Hoamsport’s Complex for Children It’s open 2013 Chungju Children’s Day Festival. Today’s opening ceremony is: family walking contest, performance,education, market place, experience etc. family can have a fun experience. At noon, it is Chungju MBC child song performance, B-b...
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Culture Gate of courtesy comes back to Koreans 현대고등학교
Sungnyemun, popularly known as Namdaemun, has finished its restoration at last. Sungnyemun was opened to the public on May 4th, and this is the first time since the catastrophic fire which took place in 2008. The cultural Heritage Administration held a ceremony commemorating the successful re...
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Culture An exciting cultural marketplace! 구곡초등학교
How do you spend your weekends? I live in Wonjoo, Gangwon province. There will be an exciting cultural marketplace just like the old marketplace on every Saturday in Hungup-myeon of Wonjoo city. You can buy environmant-friendly food items and see many different cultural performances at the same t...
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