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Economy Recent Stock Market Crash in 2022 Asia Pacific International School
No Image The U. S. stock market recently crashed. The overall stock prices greatly decreased, and Korea is being affected by it. The reason behind this is that the Fed raised the interest rates to tackle inflation. Currently the U. S. inflation rate is at 8%, the highest in 30 years. Inflation is normal,...
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Economy The Importance of Marketing St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
People can observe various types of commercials wherever they go. From the streets to the online platforms, advertisers are eager to promote their products by putting those in commercials. Thus, it would be worthwhile for the public to discuss the importance of marketing and to understand why fir...
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Economy The Perpetual Attributes of Money St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Most individuals on earth live in societies where capitalism has been established as an ideology, and without casting a shadow of doubt, money plays the utmost important part in capitalist communities. The Harvard University professor Michael Sandel in charge of teaching philosophy has once brought ...
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Economy Korea vs Japan 천진국제학교
No Image Recently, Japan and Republic of Korea had a lot of disputes. One of the topic of those disputes were about Japanese Military Sex Slaves that happened at the period of World War 2. The government of South Korea claimed that Korea had not received sincere and serious apologies from the government of J...
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Economy The Great Depression - First Downfall of A. Smith 광남고등학교
No Image The word "Market" is first used by Adam Smith, an 18th century economist. He insisted, on his book, , that if everyone pursuits one's desire without any hindrance, the demand and supply will naturally be manipulated. Here he uses one of the most famous terms in economics: The...
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Economy My Future Plan 현대고등학교
Recent report says that at least 30% of US college students will be employed to jobs which are not yet to appear to real world. Roughly speaking, 30% of current jobs will be replaced with new jobs. This means that environment surrounding jobs are changing too fast that students should prepare for fu...
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Economy Steve Jobs'''' Liberal Arts and the Humanities 현대고등학교
Among numbers of quotes from famous people, no match can be made with Steve Jobs'. When Steve Jobs closed the January, 2010 introduction of the iPad, he showed a very impressive slide: He added remark on this slide : The reason that Apple is able to create products like the iPad is because we’...
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Economy Creative Mindset for innovation 현대고등학교
We are living in the era of innovation. Everyday living is a process of finding a better product or process. Thomas Edison said “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.” Unfortunately, it does not seem that just perspiration result in any meaningful innovation. 1% of creative idea ...
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Economy Kakao taxi - a Big Data collector? 현대고등학교
Kakao company, which has been famous for the chatting application KakaoTalk, started a very exciting mobile taxi-hailing app service, KakaoTaxi, just 1 year ago. Kakao invited taxi drivers to register for an app where they had to share car details, business registration and upload a picture of them...
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Economy Worlds Most Powerful Leaders 불암중학교
This year’s list for the most power people in the world was released on November 4th on the magazine Forbes. For the third time in succession, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, came on top. This year there were 73 people on the Forbes list. This is one person for every 100 million people who ...
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