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Economy China: Affecting the world 중국 천진국제학교 (TIS)
What are the first things that come into your mind when you hear the word “China?” It might be the red flag and the yellow stars, Mao Ze-Dong, and even Yao Ming. However, as an expatriate in China, the first things that comes into my mind are rising wages, sagging property prices, inflation: all o...
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Economy Financial Preservation Hinders Corporation Growth 홍익대학교사범대학부속고등학교
Financial preservation has recently been a controversial topic on news and articles. Then, what does it mean? After Korea suffered financial crisis in 1988 and household credit crisis in 2003, banks had to go through long-term economical depression. This made them set sensitive loan standard to med...
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Economy "TAPERING" therats emerging market 홍익대학교사범대학부속고등학교
Do you know what the term “tapering” means? You might have heard about this at least once in newspaper, or television news. It signifies the economic policy which curtails the supply of money (dollar) to the market. Since it had been launched by the FRB (federal reserve board), many economists hav...
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Economy Japanese Inflation, Does It Work? 중평초등학교
Last year, Abe Sinzo became the prime minister of Japan. Some of his public promises are about Japan's economic recovery. In the 1990's, the Japanese economy was so bad that people called it "The Lost Decade". During this period, Japanese people felt ruin and despair. So, Abe encouraged domestic co...
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Economy Government Tax Revenue Volume Decreasing 파주한빛초등학교
Have you heard that the volume of the tax revenue that the government gathered had decreased? Even the president of the National Tax Service said, “It looks pretty hard to reach the volume of the goal of the tax revenue.” In this article, I will write about how the tax revenue volume decreased, what...
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Economy Larva, a famous cartoon about two caterpillars 파주한빛초등학교
Recently, it has been a golden age for Larva, a humorous cartoon. Larva was a cartoon about two caterpillars, Red and Yellow. Mostly, the story was about doing whatever it takes to eat some food. Yes, Larva 2 has recently begun, but that’s not the great part of Larva. Which raises the question: ‘Wh...
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Economy The Venus flytrap: were they flies? 홍일고등학교
The one who dares to dive into the roads to ruin. Paul Krugman, 2008 novel winning economist, answered to the question “what you think they should do?” in his latest New York Times article. So here it is: They should leave the euro. Now. The reason is straightforward: staying in the euro ...
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Economy Why the rich want to buy high cost artworks? 동탄국제고등학교
In these days, the rich want to buy and collect high cost works of art. For example, Mrs. Hong who is Lee kun-hee's wife attracted public attention not long ago, because she purchased Liechtenstein's 'Happy tears' which costs 20 billion won(200억). Then, what's the reason that the rich are buying and...
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Economy Coke cost is increasing 서울 청원초등학교
"These days, coke and cookies' cost in korea is increasing. ' Coca cola ' cost increased about 41.9%. " said council of consumer on Tuesday. 'Pepsi' coke's cost increased about 7%. ' LG생활건강‘ , the korea's the origin of coca cola said" the cost had increased cause raw materials are increasing. Bu...
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