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Coke cost is increasing 2013-02-19 오후 10:38:00

"These days, coke and cookies' cost in korea is increasing. ' Coca cola ' cost increased about 41.9%. " said council of consumer on Tuesday. 'Pepsi' coke's cost increased about 7%.

' LG생활건강‘ , the korea's the origin of coca cola said" the cost had increased cause raw materials are increasing. But council of consumer said it's wrong because last year, they decreased raw materials.

The end of 2012, lotte, crown , orion , and hatae's confectionery's cost increased 2 types of cookies. Specially, orion's choco pie increased about 25%.

Teenager said " why I can't buy drinks and snacks easily?“ On Saturday. The council of consumer said confectionery commercials must think carefully about consumers. They should prove why they increased their drinks and snacks.

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