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My Future Plan 2016-05-10 오후 4:50:00

Recent report says that at least 30% of US college students will be employed to jobs which are not yet to appear to real world. Roughly speaking, 30% of current jobs will be replaced with new jobs. This means that environment surrounding jobs are changing too fast that students should prepare for future business environment. Jobs for human at the moment will be rapidly replaced with artificial intelligence. We are now living in the age that we should compete with artificial intelligence.

Society is changing drastically. With the rapid change of society, various problems are coming out in various contexts. One of the most worrying problems is the social divide. Some seniors are too old to learn how to use smart devices, some poor people has no money to take upper class of education. Impaired people are not provided with the better education. Shared growth is an emerging big problem all around the world.
Actually I designed my future career a good couple of years ago. I decided myself to become a product developer based on the fusion of art-technology-humanities.
No doubt science and technology is the main player for developing new technology, new product, and then development of new society. But it is often appraised that science and technology is one-eyed, which means, science and technology sees only one, bright side of development. With proliferation of society, social divide is to be enhanced accordingly. Science and technology puts a focus on bright side of economy always, therefore there should appear a new tier of lagged adopters to the new society. We call the phenomenon as social divide. Social divide are to be classified in various aspects as digital divide, educational divide, and information divide, etc. Science and technology is responsible for this divide.
With the commitment of humanities and art, this divide can be resolved. By own natures of humanities and arts, they understand inside of human and society. They can explore the problem in the specific context where the problems are arising from.

For me to become a good product developer based on the fusion of art-technology-humanities, I planned to cherish myself with interdisciplinary study and necessary capabilities. Command on foreign language is one thing. Language may be the last one for human governance over artificial intelligence. I do not mean just literal interpretation of language. I am speaking on the language's social and cultural function. We put our emotion on verbal expression, not just literal meaning. We soothe other people with language. We negotiate and settle down dispute by communication.
Fluency in language, whether they are native or foreign, will be the last capability of human.

I planned ‘3 kind of 3’ strategy for designing my future.
I will have fluency on 3 languages, Korean English, Japanese. Speaking of English, I think I have done 70%. I learned Japanese for 3 semesters at high school, however, I remain too far away from my standard. I will study in 3 countries for undergraduate and graduate courses.
After I have completed my degree courses, I will develop my careers at 3 business sectors : international organization, private firm, startup.
Working at international organizations including WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization), UNESCO will provide me with global experience relating intellectual property and education, and official development assistance policy. Working at private firm, for now I think I am planning to work for my father's company in Tokyo. The company is a global merchandising company that I may accumulate a good experience for product development for Asian countries. And then I will start my own business covering all the useful products for the divided people. My big concern is in the assistive technology for the visually impaired person. I will develop an advanced assistive technology for education of visually impaired person and then prepare international ODA(Official Development Assistance) measurement for distribution of the products in really low prices to under developed countries.

How to live and what to do as lifetime job may be dependent on everybody’s own way of thinking. The very clear thing is that if a person could work what he/she wants, and if he/she could get an applause and respect with that job, it would definitely the best selection.
That is the very concern of mine for designing my future.

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