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Kakao taxi - a Big Data collector? 2016-04-23 오후 9:28:00

Kakao company, which has been famous for the chatting application KakaoTalk, started a very exciting mobile taxi-hailing app service, KakaoTaxi, just 1 year ago. Kakao invited taxi drivers to register for an app where they had to share car details, business registration and upload a picture of them. Users can download KakaoTaxi from Google Play KakaoTaxi App. After three months Kakao published some numbers about the popularity of the taxi service: Every day around 150,000 taxi calls are made through KakaoTaxi.

When we cal Kakao taxi, we do not have to pay fees. Drivers no not pay anything to Kakao. Then some might wonder what would be the revenue model behind KakaoTaxi? They collect data about movements of users to collect big data. Someday Kakao will use this big data for Kakao Pay, which is their mobile paying service.

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