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Creative Mindset for innovation 2016-04-23 오후 9:33:00

We are living in the era of innovation. Everyday living is a process of finding a better product or process. Thomas Edison said “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.” Unfortunately, it does not seem that just perspiration result in any meaningful innovation. 1% of creative idea matters in innovation. This is the reason why we may well be interested in how to cultivate the innovation mindset for creativity.

1) Add or Subtract
You can make a hot-product by adding something, adding technology to technology, application to application, service to service, etc. Subtracting can also be a new idea. If user feels no inconveniences with a simplified version of the old product, those components rid of must not be worth remaining. (ex) all-purpose knife So called “the Swiss military knife" is a knife that is very light and can replace the component satisfying user's needs. It is commonly composed of knife, bottle opener, tin opener, a corkscrew, a screwdriver, a saw, scissors, and anything else could be added furthermore.

2) Change way of use
Consumers want a more convenient product. Consumers pay not only to the amount of the product but also to the convenience which a new product can give. Long cherished proverb in innovation society says “focus to things which has not been changed for 10 years”. The fact that a product has been unchanged for 10 years does not prove that it is best but users are accustomed to the product. (ex) a Glue stick Korean stationary company AMOS created a huge profit by making hard glue that has the appearance of a lipstick. By just rubbing a glue stick on paper, user does not have to pollute their hands, or worry about excess glue may spill over.

3) Ask ancestors' wisdom
A great invention can be inspired by traditional knowledge. Get interested whether a traditional way of use, ingredient can be substituted for the modern ones. DongEuiBogam is a representative medical publication of Korea authored by Huh June in 17th centuries. It is registered as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and gaining its recognition even in the western world. (ex) A drink containing the buds of pine tree extract CJ laboratory of Korea succeeded in developing a pine tree buds drink which employed an insight from folk remedies. Beside of this product, number of new healthcare products based on the formulae from DongEuiBogam is getting enhanced.

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