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Culture The 8 meanings of the monument 울산옥동중학교
No Image In front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, there is a monument. It is called " the girl monument of peace. " (소녀상) Her heels can never touch the ground because they are lifted. The sculpter couple , Kim Seo Keong, and Kim Woon Seong did this to express the eternal pain of military sexual slaver...
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Culture Korea Sale FESTA tianjin international school
"Korea Black Friday 2015" has transformed itself to nation wide event, "Korea Sale FESTA 2016"--FESTA stands for "Festival," "Entertainment," "Shopping," "Tour," and "Attraction." A month long event, Korea Sale FESTA will be held until October 31st, offering various opportunities for people to enjoy...
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Culture Cheoyong Cultural Festival 울산옥동중학교
No Image The Cheoyong Cultural Festival opens 2016.sep.29(thu)~2016. The cheoyong cultural festival is putting their point in getting residents or strangers to participate and harmony. The main cermony and main performance, experience display, contest conference opens. Let'...
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Culture Pagan rituals and Christianity in Beowulf tianjin international school
Most epic story is characterized by a protagonist with the super natural power. The epic story of Beowulf, the warrior hero, is largely based on the medieval Christianity, which is characterized as the fusion of Pagan rituals and early Christian beliefs. This amalgamation is quite clear throughout t...
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Culture Star Wars 7 and the New Lucasfilms 아시아퍼시픽국제외국인학교 (APIS)
Ever since the prequel trilogy’s conclusion in 2005, the Star Wars franchise has lain dormant, seemingly oblivious to the pleas of its fan-base. However, this all changed when, through what is now being called “the deal of the century,” Disney acquired the legendary Star Wars franchise, along with ...
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Culture Design for My Future 마산호계중학교
I want to be a special animal to become a vet. The reason why I like animals. But this job is very hard and difficult jobs and a rare area. Because treatments for rare animals and to do some work to connect. Restore a For example, while searching the internet news not long ago and, I have seen of...
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Culture Building my future as a Third Culture Kid tianjin international school
Third Culture Kid, in short TCK, may be a unfamiliar word for many students who have only lived and stayed in one country of their parents. People often refer children who live in different culture than that of their parent and nationalities as TCK. As TCK, I had a plethora of experiences that a nor...
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Culture Bloodline - A Star Wars Novel 아시아퍼시픽국제외국인학교 (APIS)
In this book, the Senate has been evenly split between the Populists, who believe power in the Republic should be spread across the member planets, and the Centrists, who instead want a single governing body to seize control. In the absence of Mon Mothma and her charismatic leadership, this divide h...
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Culture Debate over AP Test tianjin international school
May, a month that is supposed to be full of spring-feeling, flowers, excitement for new life, is only perceived as “AP Exam month” for students in many countries with AP courses as their educational system. According to the College Board, “Advanced Placement Program (AP) has grown to the premier...
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Culture Ulsan Whale Festival 2016 울산옥동중학교
Ulsan is a representative whale city which has whales carved into the rocks by prehistoric people. This rock is called Banhudae petroglyphs which is the national treasure number 285. The 'Ulsan Whale Festival' is held in Jangsaengpo to preserve the whale fishing tradition. It is now time f...
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