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Beauty is Only Skin Deep 2015-11-12 오후 11:49:00

The main problem teenagers have is the fact that they are not satisfied with how they look, how much they weigh and has the desire to look 'Perfect'. They seem to be upset when they think that they are the only ones in the society that has negative body image. Obesity is one problem that the teenagers endure. When a teenager is 20% heavier than their ideal weight, they struggle with the thought 'I'm a monster.' However obesity is not the only problem for the struggling teenagers. They are not suited with their figure and even go as far as plastic surgery. Teenagers who suffer greatly from this went to inject botox in their visages to kill muscles reducing the fat on the face.

This is not a problem the teenagers can solve independentely. It is time fore the society to start sending healthy and positive messages about their body. Society needs to take serious steps to encourage a healthy body image in people.

One way to encourage the teenagers is reminding them that beauty is not the most important factor but the least. The most important is the fact that your personality and characteristics are not affected by the desire to look perfect. It should be taught to them that the way they do, the way they think is what makes them beautiful in the inside.

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