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Korea as a new global leader 2013-04-30 오전 7:35:00

Korea as a new world leader

There have been a few brands to represent Korea, the land of morning calm in the Far Eastern Asia; Samsung, Hyundai, Posco, etc. As the economic prowess of Korea has increased and its brand power has been recognized world widely througout the decades, especially since the new millenium, korean peninsula stands as a noticeble country from one of the poorest countries right after the Korean Civil War back in the 1950s. It ranks as one of the top 10 economic powers in terms of world trade. Most korean folks feel proud of themselves as a citizen of an advanced country. Korea has added a few prominent figures to the list; Ban Key Moon, General Secretary of UN, Kim Yuna, the world figure skating champion, and even Psy, korean celebrity who broke the youtube record of viewership in the shortest time.

Korea is also well known as the only divided country in the world. This small peninsla has confronted each other separated on the 38th Parallel Line since 1953. Nowadays North Korea, our brotherhood, has never stoppd surprising the world with threats of nuclear power programs. This belligerent campaigns have been a trademark of the frozen socialist country. Many experts claim the ferocius gestures by a young dictator indicates that a sudden collapse of the hungry country is pretty imminent. And we shall gear for the unified Korea in near future.

As 21st century advances, the entire world has been closely connected via Internet, one of the greatest developments of human history. As the world has watched closely where this country goes, Korea is reputed to be as the most wired nation in the world. And the world seems to be amazed at the wonders of this country has made in such a short time. As a world leader, korea tries to consider lots of ways to contribute to the world. Korea United would do the job better.

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