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The Importance of Marketing 2022-02-21 오전 12:58:00

People can observe various types of commercials wherever they go. From the streets to the online platforms, advertisers are eager to promote their products by putting those in commercials. Thus, it would be worthwhile for the public to discuss the importance of marketing and to understand why firms spend a huge amount of money into marketing.
In order for firms to sell their products on a large scale, it is essential for them to advertise their products via any platform. This would be the way that customers get to know about certain firms, and if customers feel attractive enough to buy products from certain firms, then finally, those companies can increase their revenue. Setting up sophisticated marketing strategies is especially crucial for newly established firms. As people can observe, there are enough competitors selling similar types of products in the market. Thus, newly established firms need to construct thorough plans to advertise their products in order to survive and expand their business cycles.
Another mechanism relevant to enhancing profits is to elevate a firm’s image. This is one of the reasons why firms hire celebrities to advertise their products. There is a marketing term for this trend: celebrity marketing. Directors of firms, in reality, spend a huge budget to spur certain images that they want to present to the public. Celebrity marketing is especially efficient to emphasize reliability as well. In the end, customers are more likely to believe products from advertisements where celebrities are actively engaging in than products from unknown brands or companies.
The importance of marketing can be found in creating a group of customers who passionately support products from certain firms. The impact of marketing is enough to bestow upon the sense of belonging to customers who use the same identical products. Customers would certainly welcome the fact that the products they are using become more popular. In this way, customers can feel that they are trendy, and this fact would cause them to buy more products from particular companies.
Consequently, it would be hard to deny the ramifications instigated by marketing. Good marketing can maintain a significant impact on consumers’ decision making. As a result, marketers are devising diverse methods to promote their products. As marketing has been placed as one of the critical factors in human society, people would also be advised to deeply think about the impact of marketing to become wise consumers.

St.Francis Xavier Catholic High School
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