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Global Warming’s Warning: Summer of 2018 2018-08-03 오후 9:39:00

It’s a no brainer that the hottest time of the year is during summer, when the sun hesitates to go down and the days are longer than ever. What’s alarming about this particular summer of 2018, however, is its record-breaking high temperatures around the world. From Europe to Asia, no continent on this heated globe is spared from these series of unusually prolonged heatwaves, and it’s no wonder that concerns about climate change are heightening. Power shortages in California from surges in demand for air conditioning, Britain’s distress from its third longest heatwave, and records of the La Nina year being the hottest it has ever been- are just some of the resulting consequences of global warming.

Temperatures are globally rising due to the burning of fossil fuels, which is increasing high concentrations of Carbon Dioxide into the air. The heatwaves from global warming are predicted to reach higher temperatures as time goes by, already illustrated by the melting glaciers and the growing casualties from the heat.

Another reason for this deadly phenomenon can be traced back to jet streams. Temperatures over the North Atlantic Ocean are capable of setting the position of a narrow beam of strong wind, as known as jet streams, and this in turn makes quite an impact upon the weather of both the UK and Ireland. What’s remarkable is that ocean temperatures have been abnormally warm between the Gulf of Mexico and North Africa, while the temperatures south of Greenland have been cooler than ever. It wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that that this occurrence has been the reason behind shaky weather in Iceland and unacceptable heat in Europe.

As a result, the fury of Mother Nature may be a combination of Atlantic temperatures, climate change, and weather patterns. Perhaps if people start to take action after heeding to the warnings of global warming, further damage from the all-time high heatwaves can be, at the very least, reduced or altogether avoided.

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