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The Pros of the Reunification of the Two Koreas 2018-07-31 오후 11:53:00

Geographically, Korea as a country is a peninsula, with the ocean covering three sides of the land. Realistically, however, North and South Korea are separated- meaning that South Korea serves as an island, with no land to travel on all four sides. In recent years, with the seemingly smooth series of summits involving leaders of different countries, the reunification between the two Koreas may become more than just a possibility. Like most things in life, the reunification may come attached to both pros and cons- but the benefits override the costs.

North and South Korea spend a fair portion of their GDP on defense, given that both countries are technically still at war with each other. Putting an end to the defense supplied by the two Koreas would cost both governments a lot less time, money, and resources.

The DMZ is another prominent factor that comes to mind when reunification is brought up. Many South Korean companies at the moment have workers operating in Kaesong Industrial Zone, just north of the DMZ. Without the divide, there would be a surge in workforce- resulting in an overall economic boom. The South Korean working-age population has an average of mid 40’s, compared to North Korean’s median of 33- bringing up the national demographic as well.

With the removal, or at least a mild deterioration of the Communist Regime, many more companies- both South Korean and overseas- may invest in the North. A bountiful of mineral resources, a skillful work force, and a fair amount of land are just some of the numerous benefits that North Korea has to offer, and it would be greatly beneficial for the economy of unified Korea.

It is true that with the pros of reunification, the cons also exist. Disarmament of whatever weapons that the North may possess, including chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction, is a mountain of a cost. However, this is almost a given from years of separation, and the long-term consequences of reunification are far more beneficial than the losses.

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