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Germany defeated by Korea in World cup 2018-06-28 오후 9:32:00

Yesterday, right around the corner of day in Korea, there was a World cup match between Germany and Korea. Germany was previously ranked first as a world champion in soccer, which is one reason why a handful of Germans were looking forward to this year’s match, waving cheering sticks in the public. Before the match, some Koreans even estimated 7:0: 7 for Germany, 0 for Korea.
However, as the match was making its way to the end, Germany didn’t seem to display their entire capabilities and seemed to miss goals, even though it is true that the Korean goal keeper, Jo-hyunwoo did a notable job in blocking shoots from the other team. Meanwhile, Korean players, performed in their highest possibilities until the end of the latter match, and at the very end, barely ten minutes before the match ended, Korea put two goals in: one by Kim- young -gwon, one by Son-hyun-min. After the game, the results turned out to stunning for most countries. Especially for Germany, it looked like the results were a huge blow for the audience, as the audience seemed like they lost all of their spirits that they brought with when the game started. However, for countries such as Mexico, defeat of Germany and the triumph of Korea became their opportunity to have another positive start since they earned a chance to go up to round. It is heard that in Mexico, at this moment, spirits recovered and South Koreans in Mexico are getting treated as heroes.
The representative country for soccer, had their first defeat in a match with an Asian country and had their first experience of being kicked off from the world cup round 16.

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