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America gun shooting, how does government react 2018-05-22 오후 12:08:00

This topic of America’s gun shooting has been fired to extreme controversy recently in the US and has been a hot issue for weeks, as Trump also mentioned the plan of “teachers bearing arms.”

This was after the February gun shooting in one Florida high school. It was almost the 22nd gun shooting incident in US schools. 17 people died, many were injured, and the ideal plan that Trump gave out was to give guns to teachers at school.
It is true that one of the most popular place for gun shooting is high schools. However, the plan that Trump came up with, making teachers possess weapons, raised many criticisms from citizens, those of whom that say the plan is totally ridiculous, unspeakable to mention about.

But besides this kind of plan that is currently considered illogical for many people, the government did not posit any other plausible policies that can prevent gun shooting terrors. They are clearly addressing the serious issue of firearms with the NRA, saying “we need to stop this from happening.” and “a 18 year old shouldn’t have been able to get a firearm legally.” However, the irony is that they did not push upon any limitations or bans on guns, even though these discussions are continuously coming to light.

And one of the reasons might be gun lobby. Gun organizations such as NRA are paying the Republic men, and now, the congressmen are praying for victims for gun shooting, more than wishing for further implements to prevent these victims from being made. In this manner, the plan of granting teachers the firearms in school also favor the side of the NRA since the plan is to give out more weapons to stop violence instead of taking the weapons.

The US shouldn’t be neglecting these facts present in the nation, and they should be pushing for clear, noticeable changes in the gun policies by pulling in limitations and bans. Moreover, it is true that the country of America is founded upon the conservative values, having the right to bear arms. However, those values were agreed upon to be amended if there are any problems, and now is the time. It is more than a simple problem by now since people, especially teenagers and children are dying over it. Do you really think the lives of valuable people should be taken by the people who favor profit than people? Or, do you really think the founding values of America are important than the well-being of the nation? The values existed for the country’s and the citizens’ well being, but now time passed, and it doesn’t seem as valid as before. If this is the case, it’s time for replacing America’s root with a stronger one.

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