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The earth''''s peacekeeper, U.N 2018-05-08 오후 11:21:00

I'm sure you have heard about the United Nations(U.N). The Unitd Nations is a representative international organization. They work for all the people in the earth. Then, what the United Nations does? They protect human rights and promote sustainable development. Also, they uphold international law. But the most important thing is, to maintain international peace and security. This is the U.N's biggest role and purpose. Then, do you know about the history of U.N? If you want to know about the history of this, you should first know about the international federation. The international federation, which was the beginnig of the United Nations was established to maintain international peace and security after World War 1 and to promote economic and social international cooperation. But, the international federation collapsed in the wake of the World War 2, failing to prevent Japan's invasion of China, Italy's invasion of Ethiopia, and Germany's rejection of the Treaty os Versailles. So, after the World War 2, the need to establish an international organization was considered among the Allies. And at last, the United Nations was founded in october 24, 1945. And since its inception, U.N gave a lot of help to Korea. During the Korean War, U.N sent us troops and we could save peace of Korea. And after the Korean War, Korea applied for U.N membership in 1943 and was proved in 1991. So now, we are also active in diplomatic activities and contributing to maintain international peace by participating in peecekeeping forces. In addition, Ban Ki-moon's appointment as the eighth U.N secretary general has raised interest about the United Nations and increased the number of people seeking employment in the United Nations. And from now on, U.N's role will be more important in the world. so we all have to pay attention to international peace and U.N's movement.

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