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the baseball game to celebrate Yi Sun-shin 2018-04-29 오전 7:57:00

The Navy's Jinhae base headquarters and the NC Dinos, a baseball team, held a meaningful event to celebrate the birth of Admiral Yi Sun-shin.

For three days from June 27 to 29, the NC Dinos played a home game against the Doosan Bears at the Masan Baseball Stadium in Changwon.

On the occasion of the birth of Admiral Yi Sun-shin on April 28 (the eighth day of the third lunar month), the people and soldiers came to the ballpark to inherit the spirit of Chungmugong.
They cheered enthusiastically and did the waves together. They solved the quizzes about Yi Sun-shin and had a great time with dance.

On April 28, NC dinos won the game against Doosan Bears with 5:1.

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