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North Korea steps closer to denuclearization 2018-03-09 오후 8:14:00

People in South Korea, are you still worrying about the nuclear and missile tests that are happening next door? If that’s the case, you can relieve a little bit for now. North Korea is trying to take a sturdy step towards denuclearization.
After Thursday’s meeting between Trump and South Korean officials, there came a shocking news, stating that Kim requested a meeting with Trump through the South Korean officials. One of the South Korean officials had first transferred the news to the national security adviser, and then went to meet Trump. This is a stunning invitation because if this is agreed within, Trump would stand as the first president that will sit with Kim Jong un face to face.
It is said that Kim Jong un told the South Koreans that he will push forward in having a negotiation with the president of United States, regarding the hot topic of North Korea’s nuclear experiments and missile tests. It is said that he told South Koreans that he is willing to abandon the nuclear weapons and refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. He says that he would have no reason to possess nuclear weapons if the military pressure towards North would be eliminated.
Trump reacted positively to Kim’s announcement, but Trump has said that Kim should first show his conspicuous steps towards the goal.
“ All options are on the table and our posture toward the regime will not change until we see credible moves toward denuclearization.” a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday.” a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday.
Overall, this is the first time of North Korea positioning itself in the side of denuclearization, as they thought their nuclear weapons are under their own possessions, and is not for controversy regarding their developments of these weapons, until now.

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