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Japanese systematic education of Dokdo ownership 2018-03-06 오후 4:27:00

Japanese Government has publicly written in “the government guidelines for teaching” for the first time that Dokdo belongs to Japan. It proves that Japanese government has almost completed the systematic education of Japanese ownership of Dokdo.

On February 14th, Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the revised version of government’s guideline for high schools teaching that contains the content of “Japan owns Dokdo and Senkaku islands.” Since in the last version that was revised in 2009, this content was not clearly written, this change has been analyzed by experts that Japan has further developed its systematic movement of educating its citizens about Japanese ownership of those lands.

This change should be accepted as a serious threat because the government guidelines for teaching has the legal power that acts as a standard of public education. According to the revised version, in the subject of , teachers should clarify that “Dokdo, Senkaku islands and four islands of Kurils are the inherent Japanese lands.” In addition, it is also mentioned that “Our country has been put a great deal of effort to solve the remaining problems regarding Dokdo and other islands in a peaceful way.”

Considering the fact that virtually students in all of the elementary, middle and high schools in Japan, have been taught that “Japan has the ownership of Dokdo,” Korea also have to come up with the powerful response with appropriate evidences, logically supporting our stances.

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