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California is still burning 2017-12-17 오전 12:46:00

From December 4th, the huge fire has started at the California, USA. This was the second fire in California in 2 months, since there was also a big wildfire on October this year. As same as that time, the fire began due to the low humidity and strong wind. From the first day, fire fighters worked hard to avoid the spread of wildfire into larger places. However, the fire got bigger and bigger because of the dry weather and strong wind. And that fire is still burning by today, which has been more than 10 days from the begin of the fire.
The fire is burning up the houses, trees, parks, roads, and all the things that are in the California area. By this time, more than 1.8 times of Seoul area has burnt down and mountain has burnt as the size of Seoul. It’s also bigger than the size of the combination of New york and Boston. Because of this serious situation, USA president Trump has said emergency situation in USA on December 8th. After the emergency alarm, all the fire fighters and helicopters were put into the area of California fire, and all of them have been trying their best to stop the wildfire.
However, the fire doesn’t seem to be gone. The weather forecast of USA have said that dry Santaena wind is still blowing and too dry weather whose humidity is lower than 5% is going to be continued for more than 10 days. If this forecast is right, the fire might be bigger than now, which can cause more damage to California.
By this fire, about 90,000 people have escaped and 1,000 houses have burnt. Partially burned houses are more than 20,000. This big amount of damage to California is one of the mosts biggest damages in few decades. Moreover, this damage is going to be bigger than now because California fire treating agency is thinking that at least 3 weeks are needed to fully diminish all the fires. Then this fire is becoming the biggest fire ever in 126 years.
LA times have said that after North and South war, about the half of the wildfires that happened in California happened in recent 15 years. And they have said that this means many wildfires are happening because of the human fault.
I hope that people should be more careful when the weather is too dry, since fire can be made easily in dry weather. Also, I hope this fire can be dimished as early as it can and California have little damage as it can.

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