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North Korea''s continous provocations 2017-09-07 오후 4:49:00

Unification of North and South Korea has been a world-wide issue of this era. Especially for South Korea, the benefits of unification, including enlargement of domestic market, share of natural resources and connection to the continental road, are incredible, which makes unification an urgent goal for them to achieve. However, in the recent years, North Korea has posed threat on South Korea as well as other nations in the globe using their military forces. Despite the endless provocation of North Korea, I think that South Korea should continue striving for the economic corporation with them because it is a preparation for unification and due to the threats that may occur if we don’t cooperate.
First of all, the economic corporation between South and North Korea is a platform for Korea to proceed towards the goal of unification, and unification will influence South Korea in a positive way. The economic corporation can lead to unification by keeping the peaceful atmosphere and activating cultural exchanges. Once unification is achieved, South Korea will experience an enlargement of domestic market and a remarkable economic enhancement as a result. In this sense, unification is beneficial to South Korea as well as the whole world, which explains why the economic cooperation between South and North Korea should be continued regardless of North Korea’s aggressive provocations. For example, Germany’s Unification in October 1990 has greatly improved Germany’s economy and brought liberty to the citizens. Like this, unification of a nation benefits the citizens as well as the world. This proves why South Korea should continue cooperating with North Korea economically and strive for unification.
Secondly, economic cooperation between South and North Korea should be maintained because of the potential harms that might occur when this cooperation ends. The absence of this cooperation might trigger resentment from the North and might even lead to war. When this happens, it is obvious that South Korea is the one who will be damaged due to the powerful military forces of North Korea. For example, the political and economic conflicts or ideological problems might cause serious discord, making North Korea feel bad and eventually throw their weapons at South Korea. Since North Korea possesses powerful weapons such as nuclear bombs, the damage that South Korea will never be settled. Due to this threats that might occur when South Korea stops cooperating with North Korea, economic connection should be maintained.
In conclusion, even though North Korea continues to threatening the world with their military forces, South Korea must keep the economic corporation and support towards North Korea because it will bring South Korea closer to the aim of unification, which they have been struggling to achieve. In addition, economic corporation should be continued in order to prevent the threat of violence that might occur if this connection ends.

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