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Surfing on the sun 2017-08-24 오후 8:13:00

I heard that my swimming teacher likes surfing yesterday. I think surfing is very fancy sports.
You can think that the surfing is use only board but it's not right.
There are many kinds of surfing games. Borad surfing rides and drives board.
This sport uses big waves which come to the beach.
Surfing's history was started in Tahiti's ancestor.
This sport is known as Hawaii's traditional game. So original place of surfing is Hawaii.
The popularity of surfing rised in 20th century. In 1920s, Olympic swimming gold medalist ,Paoa Duke Kahanamoku, opens the surfing club for the first time in Waikiki. He is Hawaiian, too. In 1956, the first international world surfing carnibal was held.
A lot of countries know surfing because of this carnibal.
In these days, the countries which have beach are running surfing clubs.

To get a good skill on Board surfing, you should have swimming skills and balance sense. Borad surfing has 3 types of game. The most common way to do is standing board surfing. A lot of experts use this pose and sledding on the water beautifully. The board is changed despite beach is same. Experts use borad which can surf faster. However, it can't catch balance easily. Let's surf on the water and ride on super board.

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