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The Pros of Artificial Intelligence 2017-08-15 오후 10:37:00

Humans are fundamentally designed to be suspicious of new inventions and advances in life. That was the basis of what kept our ancestors away from dangers and risky trials. However, as humans evolved to create more and more tools for an improved lifestyle, adaption had to take place. As revolts around the world and the Industrial Revolution forced humanity to take high risks for high results, technology became another thing for the world to get used to. Although many are still afraid of what the future holds for mankind, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the benefits of AI may outweigh the cons.

The biggest concern for those who fear the AI is that it may pose a great threat to jobs for humans and upset the economic security. What many don’t realize, however, is that jobs that exist at present day is merely adapted to the current environment. As artificial intelligence learns to operate formerly human tasks, there will be an equal amount of hands needed to control and program the AI. Engineers, mathematicians, and those who may help with the management of these computer-based intelligence will be needed more than ever. New corporations will come into existence for smooth operation of artificial intelligence, not to mention companies will focus on the big scheme of the future, not just manufacturing. Pioneering companies that support AI need developers, marketers, and brainpower of the country in order to set sail and create a harmonic lifestyle for humanity and AI.

Whether the vast majority is in favor of artificial intelligence or not, one thing is for sure- it can’t be stopped. At the pace that humanity is going at with technology, AI is learning to become a staple of the future, and the only way we can use that to our advantage is to accept the unknown.

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