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Taking a Stand Against the Olympics 2017-08-12 오후 11:23:00

For many years, the Olympics have been an event that symbolized a grand unification of different nationalities- showing the world how sports are able to rid the world of tension, even for a moment. Over time, however, cities are slowly refusing to host the Olympics and have gone as far as to sign petitions against it. Remarkably, this act of revolt is neither from the government nor the city council members, but rather, the locals. It’s a stand against the corporate system of allowing damage for the sake of tournaments. This biennial event costs an excessive amount of money, causing unnecessary debt to the hosting cities in the aftermaths of the celebration. Considering the overwhelming budgetary drought after the Olympics, it’s no wonder these cities are beginning to voice their opinions.

The monetary pressure that comes along with hosting the Olympics may just be the tip of the iceberg, for another issue lies within this event- environmental destruction. The athletes don’t perform in nature, nor do they tread lightly on the grounds of natural habitats. Combined with the mountainous amounts of litter left behind by spectators and the 3.6 million tons of CO2 emitted into the environment, this competitive event has taken a toll on not only the city, but also on the world itself. It has also been estimated that thousands of tons of waste are produced, along with 23,500 liters of fuel and 29,500 gigawatts used during the games. In more ways than one, the Olympics have proven to be debilitating to both the economy and the environment.

Overall, the water supplies, transportation systems, and sustainable materials take a heavy toll on the world, and cities everywhere have just now started to see the impairing effects of the Olympics. Although the tournament may represent youthful passion and fire of the people, until substitutes are found for the vandalistic roots of the Olympics, it may be best to just live on in the hearts of the public.

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