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Sentencing School Uniforms 2017-07-29 오후 10:27:00

School uniforms serve one purpose, and one purpose only. They exist so that students are unified under the same dress code, and aren’t bothered by their clothes in a learning environment. According to recent research, however, South Korean school uniforms have proven to be mostly uncomfortable- especially to girls. Many female students have spoken out about the extent of their discomfort due to the rigidity and length of their uniforms. A great majority of their blouses are so short to the point of them earning the name of “crop top”, not to mention how much they stick to their sides so that their figure is explicitly outlined. It’s nearly impossible to make sudden movements while wearing this attire, and is overall incredibly hard to remain in a relaxed pose. Although it is true that a good portion of female students make sure to tailor their skirts shorter so that they can follow the trend, skirts are originally made to fit abnormally tight to the lower half of the body. It’s more than easy to have skirts frequently ride up their legs if they aren’t slimmer than some of the other girls, and this should not be a standard look for anyone, let alone students.
However, the problem lies more deeply than just a simple mismeasurement of these outfits. Rather, the real issue jabs the core of society and its overbearing pressure for females to always look presentable and desirable. Especially in South Korean media, females are constantly reminded of how outer appearance plays a crucial role in life. Perhaps this is exactly why these companies who produce school uniforms create a look that is purely aesthetically pleasing, and not suitable for everyday wear. Uniforms for girls are designed for the sole purpose of making sure that students look thinner, prettier, and more in proportion. While it’s a given fact that many female students are happy to look their best in their uniforms, comfort and wear should be the top priority in creating these articles of clothing.
Uniforms for male students are rarely discussed as a topic of concern, and for a good reason, too. Their school uniforms are designed to fit them just snugly enough so that there remains a balance between ease and durability. Girls should be able to experience the same amount of comfort that boys can have in their uniforms, and not confined to almost embarrassing lengths of skirts and intolerable blouse fit. If that isn’t able to be altered anytime soon, the least schools can do for female students is allowing them to wear male uniforms. Many schools still forbid girls from wearing male uniforms, and that is the one thing that goes against most school principles: Nurturing students to blossom into the best version of themselves.

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