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Like a `Bullet` 2017-07-18 오후 6:55:00

There are lots of nice things in the Winter Olympics, but I think the ski jump is the most thrilling and wonderful.
If you like watching movies, there will be a song that reminds when you watch a ski jump scene. The name of song is `butterfly`
It was original sound track in movie '' Member of the national team''
This song played in moment when the player do ski jumping. Anyway, I would like to introduce you about ski jumping. Ski jumping is one of the most powerful and wonderful event in winter Olympic. This sport will play in Pyeongchang winter Olympic, too. This Ski jumping was started in north of the Europe and the first contest was played in Norway in 1862. A lot of people think that they must V pose when player jump. But, it`s not. That pose was started by Jan Bokeul roebeu. Scoring consists of two parts of the flight distance and posture. There is a target reference point K Street (the critical point, Kritisch Point) every point of the hill. It is also the point where athletes jump landing most. When the player jump into K-90 area, the advantage point is added. But in case of the player can`t reach the target point , they lose a point by penalty. Woman event was remade in 2014, Sochi. Let`s shouting on the snow.

But be careful you can stuck in the snow!

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