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Police brutality and misconduct 2017-06-15 오후 10:45:00

Police brutality is becoming a worldwide issue. Police brutality is the advantage of police officers to use unnecessary force by their authority while managing with civilians. On May 27th near Oksu station an innocent citizen had been suspected as a voice phishing criminal. The man was beaten dreadfully. The man claimed that two officers came up to him throttled his neck, struck his face with their fist and even tightening his wrist with the handcuffs. This became a big issue throughout social media regarding undue violence of some police officers. Netizens insisted and insulted the harsh behaviors.
Not only in Korea, we can see many incidents going on through social media. In America, many innocent black people get shot and killed by police officers just by their color. Even homeless people get beaten up because of their looks. For the past several years, America has been plagued with the issue of police brutality. The highest number of cases recorded is over 1500 in 2010. According to the records, 57% were police cases that were acted physically. The rest were records of other police misconducts.
Activist against police brutality claim that the police, a position of public service, has overstepped their boundaries by freely hurting innocent people.
Actions such as unjustified shootings, harsh beatings and other rough treatments make people wonder if officers are actually doing the right thing. Especially the fact that most of these cases go unreported or unnoticed. Violence of officers can make a negative image toward the police. This will create the public fear the police even though they are the ones who protect us. However on the other side of the argument people argue that the work of a police is very dangerous and sometimes there may be situations where excessive force is needed. For example there was an incident in India where two traffic policemen were physically assaulted because they accused a man to pay a fine for not wearing helmets while riding his motor bike.
There also may be situations if someone tried to attack a police officer by a gun. While officers are also human being they need to defend themselves if there is a dangerous situation.
Police brutality is and will be an ongoing problem. Whatever position a person may hold there is no argument that this is a serious issue that needs to be resolved.
There are solutions that can resolve these problems. People should show respect to officers and stay calm. As for the same, law enforcement must also make an effort to show that they are doing their best to protect our community. Through small things like this, police brutality can be solved little by little, time to time.

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