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The battle of second 2017-06-08 오후 7:28:00

Have you ever played sports called Kin ball? One competition is playing in these they. The name of the game is `School sports club league competiton.` Sejong city held this contest. Among 7 kinds of event, I`d like to talk you about Kin Ball.
The Kin ball is one of the rising popular sports in these days. In middle school, they use kin ball game to test Physical grade. First, kin ball started in Canada by Mario Duma in 1984. The rule was made in 1988. Kin ball specially compete 3 teams each other.
Ball sports usually compete 2 teams. The rule of kin ball start from a serve. One team's player can serve to use hands. When you serve to the other team, the other team must receive without big ball touch the ground. When you serve, you should say Omnikin (team’s color). Serve is not difficult. You should punch or hit the ball with your hands.
Be careful, you should hit it to dead zone of the other teams. When you receive the ball, you can use all of your body. But you should receive before big ball touch the floor. Ok, happy sport ~

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