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Alpha Wall 2017-05-26 오후 6:59:00

Ke Jie lost game which play with Alphago 2.0. Only one game is left. What's your opinion?
Do you know 'Go' means 'Baduk'?
In Japan, they say Go and in Korea, we say Baduk. That is why Alpha-Go's name is Alpha-Go. Anyway in January 31st, Korea, China and Japan Baduk competition was held in Beijing, China.
The result of game is not good. Chinese player Keoje captured the first place of contest. First he lost to Japanese player Iyama Utah. However, he won Korean player Park Jeong Hwan. Finally, he won Utah lastly. Hasae K-C-J Baduk competition is open in Chinese holiday Chun-day.
CCTV(China's broadcast channel name)
held this event. They invited 3 players in each country. This event is 6th event.

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